Drawing # 11 Golden Knight Camus

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regards, Steemianos.

Today I share a drawing of one of my favorite animes that marked my childhood, as was The Knights of the Zodiac. Here I present a portrait of one of his strongest characters, as the golden knight Camus, is one of my favorites for his great strength and dexterity.

Materials: Colored pencils and the background is made with tempera.

Here are some images of work in progress:

The anime of the Knights of the Zodiac tells their story that a group of young warriors called Saints fight to protect the Greek goddess Athena from the forces of evil. But for their fight, the Saints only use their internal energy, their fists and armor that serve as protection and are also inspired by constellations or beings from Greek and Scandinavian mythology. But there are also many other gentlemen like Camus, who is a golden knight who is in charge of looking after house 11 in the sanctuary of Athena. He was Hyoga's teacher and taught him how to use the seventh sense when sacrificing himself for this task, then he would be reanimated by Hades along with Saga and Shura to cross the sanctuary and kill Athena, after 12 o'clock he would return to death being touched by sunlight. Then he would return to life in the "Golden Soul" saga to fight with the other 12 knights against Loki, but this was not the case at the beginning and rather he fought other golden knights.

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That nice @kaito1, and the step by step process are interesting as well. keep great work!. have a good day

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