The Sexy World of Email Marketing

Today I'll be discussing the myths, secrets and untold truths of the most powerful marketing strategy you can use in your market - yep, good old fashioned email. You may think there's nothing new to learn, but you'd be wrong! 😉Tune in and find out now.

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Hello, everybody and welcome to another edition of the soliloquy is from a very secluded soapbox. Greetings from Spain again, under complete lockdown. And yeah, today we are going to talk about one of my favorite subjects, and I hope you enjoy it. It’s something I feel very strongly about very passionate about it. And it is all about the very, very sexy subject of email marketing. And I say that in all seriousness, because I truly believe there is no better weapon in your marketing Arsenal than email marketing. So if you can only do one thing, this is what you have to do, and you have to do it really, really well. So we’re going to jump in to this I’m going to put the presentation up on the screen as well. And let’s just jump into the content content of today’s topic. Here’s the deal. The single most effective marketing channel at your disposal is email marketing. It works Hold on, we’re doing this as a repeat because yesterday, audio, we had audio problems and I did a whole the whole livestream and it was worthless. So sorry about that didn’t have time to repeat. So we’re repeating today and yeah, we’re talking about, you know, the single most effective marketing channel at your disposal.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that you you know that social media is the place to be content is the place to be a Facebook Messenger is the place to be. I you know, ads are paid pay, pay per click advertising is the place to be. All of those things are the place to be sure they’re great. But if you want to look at this from a purely reptilian point of view, and that’s why that crocodile eye is up on the screen right now is The single most effective marketing channel is it was many years ago and hasn’t changed. Don’t buy into it. It still is the single most effective thing you can be doing. Doesn’t matter if you’re a b2b b2c, b2b b2c, you know, if you’re a nonprofit, it doesn’t matter. Email is still the highest converting channel that you can have, and it’s yours. And that is so important. Facebook Messenger is really cool. I totally agree. It’s a great platform, great. People will see your messages, but it isn’t yours. It depends on Facebook, they can turn it off for you anytime they want. Any, you know, any social media platform, it’s not yours, you don’t control it, the rules can change like that. You can be the Google Apple algorithms change. Your ad accounts can get locked, the only online marketing asset that is truly yours because you can take it from one platform to another is your email marketing. So that is why it is so strategic and so fundamentally important to your business. So let’s keep going. I am not going to tell you about the three brains today. I’ve gone over this before my, my team says that I am. I’m an old geezer who repeats the same stories.

So I’m not going to tell you this again. But I am going to I left the slide here because I want you to understand email is a conversation that takes place in that head that you’re looking at there. It is a conversation, intimate conversation that you are having with each member of your email list, one on one and it’s happening inside their heads. That’s why email is so powerful. It isn’t a broadcast medium, okay, even though you’re broadcasting, okay, even if you’re sending it to a million people, you’re still having a one to one conversation with each of those. Okay? So that’s why it is you it’s so powerful. It’s such a powerful tool because people are engaging with you the same way they engage with, with their friends, their family. It is a very personal medium. So this is very important as well to understand when you’re designing and you’re putting in place your email strategy. So remember that email takes place in here. Okay, it is a conversation that you’re having with your audience. And then couple it with this that nothing is more powerful than a compelling story. Okay, I’ve told you about my grandma told you about her wearing the witch hat and going to elementary schools on Halloween every year, okay. And people would sit the kids would sit on the edge of their of their seats, listening to her tell these scary stories to kabu and they were junk. It was you know, and I remember when I was just a little boy Okay, so make sure that you’re telling stories in your emails.

Okay? If that’s the only thing you did do it. Well, if you do that, well you’re you’re 90% done. Okay? And email is a marvelous place to tell stories. It really is. So let’s get the big lie out of the question though. Out of the out of here. Let’s get rid of the big email marketing live First of all, okay, email that doesn’t sell is a waste of money and time, okay. Do not listen to those gurus who tell you know, give value give lots of that don’t sell don’t make it salesy. No, no, every email you send should have a goal and that goal should be to convert into sales, okay? That doesn’t mean that you should do it heavy handed and you should be counting you know, interior, interior, you know, like a used car salesman pounding in a, you know, high pressure salesman. tactics into your email. Now, I’m not saying that, but do not the lie is that you shouldn’t be selling you should definitely be selling. Okay? I mean, that’s the goal of your business is to make sales and to help people by offering them quality products and services that solve problems for them. So you do if you don’t sell in your emails, you’re doing them a favor. You’re not helping your audience.

Okay? So with that lie out of there, I do want to go over briefly, the marketing cycle, okay, because you can’t step skip steps. And so let’s just go through these, there’s only five levels here, it’s important that you understand. The first thing is to position yourself, okay, you need to establish you, you and your company as a thought leader in your market. So you need to, you want people to look up to you, you want them to respect you that you want them to consider you as an authority. Okay? That is your position because that establishes you as an Somebody that they can take seriously and believe in and that they want to have a relationship with you, but you also must attract them. So you have to grab their attention, don’t you, you you you can’t be Don’t be the university professor giving, you know, lectures about the intricacies of the, you know, cell the mitosis of cell division, okay? Who cares, right? Unless you’re a biologist, okay? Or your high school student, grab their attention, use their emotions use their, the reptilian part of their brain that is, you know, focused on survival and reproduction and and essentially, you know, on on their focus on their emotions and then focus on their cerebral cortex. Okay, cultivating There, the relationship with them, okay? Make sure that they that this is a continuous experience, okay? It doesn’t happen overnight.

This isn’t going to happen, boom, send an email, make a million bucks. That’s not the way it works. If that’s what you’re looking for go Look, listen to somebody else, okay? I’m not here. I don’t care. That’s not what I do. That’s not what I’m here to help you with. guide them through the process of your sales funnel. Okay? Tell them what you want them to do. make them understand the process that you’re selling that you’re that you’re leading them through, and then finally, close the sale. Okay, so you really act and you if you skip steps in here, your conversions will go down. So it’s important position, grab their attention, cultivate a relationship, guide them through the process and close the sale. And you can do you do this as an overarching storing that goes across all of your marketing, including your email marketing. And it also can happen all inside one email, you can position yourself at, grab their attention. You can do all of this almost in, you know, you can mirror this process on a small scale as it is mirrored across a whole story arc. Okay? So email marketing is your most important online asset. And I’m going to give you my little recipe here. Okay, this is simple. This is not complicated stuff. A lot of the things I’m sharing with you today are ideas that I’ve learned over many, many years of working in the marketing world. If you want to get really good at email marketing, I totally recommend you talk.

You sign up for Ben settles email list and you read his emails every day. Okay, you can become a paying customer of yours if you want. I am. I wholeheartedly endorse him, but if if not, just get on Let’s go to Ben settle calm and read the emails he sends you every day. Okay, just read them. Just Just that’s it. Don’t do anything else. Okay. Having said that, let’s go through my personal recipe here for how you need to be structuring your email marketing. First of all, you need emails, right people, aren’t you, if you don’t have anybody in your list, then you can write emails till you’re blue in the face, right? So the way you do that is you create a powerful lead magnet, you create something of value that you offer people in exchange for their email address. Now, that could be an E book, it could be a series of videos. It could be a spreadsheet we’ve had for b2b clients, we’ve had really great success with spreadsheets. You know, that actually, not only do they help clarify things for the, for the person that downloads them, but they also help build the narrative for what you’re selling. Okay. So especially You can be really powerful lead magnets. You can, you know, they could be called you can take a collection of your best blog posts and compile them into a book. You can, you know, there’s all sorts of ways to do to create lead magnets. The more focused and targeted is for the audience that you’re trying to attract, the better.

Okay? So if it’s very vague and wishy washy and broad, then you’re going to get vague, broad, wishy washy people on your list. Okay? And that’s not what you want. Okay? You can use content upgrades. They’re very powerful. So this is like you start off if you have, let’s say, you you write a really, really good 3000 word blog post that goes really deep into into whatever it is that you that you do. I would suggest you create a shorter 600 700 word blog post that summarizes And then you put a button that takes them to the long one, when they give you their email. That’s called the content of great. Want the whole story. Give me your email, and here it is. Okay. Step three, forget about open rates and click rates and all that stuff, okay? You can’t take clicks to the bank, you know, it doesn’t matter. You know, you can, you can’t go now to down you know, you can’t call your, your banker and say, Hey, I need a loan because I’ve got really good open rates. I don’t care, right? The only thing that really makes sense is conversion to you’re here to sell. You’re here to make your business grow. Okay? And to do that, totally tell you to make the sale in the email. Okay? You It doesn’t matter how many people click on the link. What matters is how many of them buy. So, when you get the click, make sure you’ve pre sold them so that they’re salivating To get to the offer, and that will be that that is your winning strategy.

Okay? So make the sale in the email. Don’t worry how many of them click, make sure what your goal is, is that if three people click three people buy, okay, that’s the that should be the perfect scenario, okay? Won’t happen that way. But, uh, you know, make it as that’s, that’s how you focus this, every email should have secondary value. Okay? So it’s not just about whatever you know you can you could teach you could give you know, the, I suggest you give the what not the how in your emails you you you talk about the problem you talk about, you talk about the solution, but you don’t give away the secret sauce. But your emails have to have more than that they have to be entertaining, they have to be interesting, they have to be compelling. They have to, you know, really make a difference. So that people will Look forward to reading them. Okay, that’s secondary value. Secondary value is that I want to read the email, I enjoy the emails, okay? Whether they be one a month, or 15 a day, it doesn’t matter if they’re good enough that I want to read them. Okay? That should be your goal, okay? build a relationship with your list. So the deal here is, you aren’t, this is your if this is your most important asset, treat it like it is value the people that are reading your emails, you care about them. That’s how you build a relationship, but relationships are built about caring, so care about your audience.

Okay? caring means that you want to help them solve their problems. And if that means buying your products and services that yes, you want them to buy them because you want their lives to be better. Okay? But build a relationship. Make yourself A human being that they want that they care about, because you care about the size of your list doesn’t really matter. Okay, you can make lots and lots of money on tiny little email lists. And you can make lots and lots of money on huge email lists, okay? Generally, is the worst year emails are the bigger your list needs to be to compensate, right. So I would say, ideally, you’d have a huge list, then you would mail it with, you know, the best content imaginable, the best emails that you could possibly mail it, that would be the best. But don’t worry if your email list isn’t that big. Just make sure that you’re following this steps and treat your email your list like family, really feel like they’re your family, really talk to them. Be conversational, be interesting, be fun, tell them stories, tell them you know, don’t be afraid to tell them the hard truths. Okay, so don’t gloss over your your you know what it is, don’t be opinionated be the you know say things tell people that are the things like it they aren’t really go to go treat them you know like you would treat somebody in your family and this will get you very very far with your email marketing. Okay, so some myths and questions.

First myth or question How often should you mail you should mail every time you possibly can mail a great email. Okay? If you’re only able to write one really really good email a month, then I’m afraid you should only mail once a month but that isn’t good enough you should be able to. to mail your list I would recommend you mail them every day at least okay because that keeps you on the top of your of their their minds. It gets them in the habit of seeing your emails. They’ll look for them. they’ll they’ll anticipate reading them, okay. And if they’re good, and they’re in entertaining and they’re fun, and they, then they’ll want to read your emails. Which leads me to the next thing. What about open rates and click through rates? Well, we talked about it, forget it, it doesn’t matter. Okay? If you’re emailing your list every day or twice a day, if you want, it doesn’t matter. You understand that not everybody is going to read all your emails every day. Okay? They’re busy. Hey, I’m busy. You know, that’s okay. No problem. Not everybody’s gonna click on the links. Of course not. They’re not maybe they’re not interested in the offer that you’re making that day. Maybe they’ve got other things to do. Maybe it’s not the right time. Maybe they it’s the wrong time for the for this offer for that person.

That’s okay. It’s like, it’s the way it is. I mean, not everybody is sitting on their chair waiting to buy from you at this moment. Okay. They have their own lives. They have their own stories. They have their own priorities. That’s okay. Respect That that’s cool. But don’t sweat it. Okay? The same with unsubscribes people leave, goodbye. That’s great. I’m happy every time somebody unsubscribes from my list, I’m happy, I’m glad Goodbye, you’re you’ll find a better place. Okay? If you’re not enjoying being on my list, I don’t want you there. In fact, if you’re not engaged with me and you’re not reading my emails regularly and you’re not participating in this conversation that we’re having in your brain, I’d rather you’re going to eat I don’t care you know, you’re only just making me spend more money on my autoresponder that’s the only thing you’re doing. You’re just filling up my, you know, my, my, my my list with with with garbage. So I’m glad when people leave. What should you measure? Obviously, you should measure conversions. How much are you making? How many sales are you making? Is it working? I mean, that’s the only thing that counts. It’s the only thing that matters. Ah, what about You know, getting pushed into the promotions folder, you know, and it is what it is. Don’t sweat it. I mean, if your emails are really good, and maybe you have a relationship with your list, they’ll find you don’t pull it out, though, then you won’t be lost forever.

Okay, um, you know, don’t make your emails super spammy. Of course not. It that wouldn’t be caring about your list. But don’t sweat it. It’s not under your control Anyway, you can’t control it and you, there’s no need for you to be, you know, building this, this mental thing where you’re looking at every word and every syllable and you’re using this like, No, I’m not gonna say that word because it’ll get you that you’re sending an email to a friend of yours. Okay. Think about it. That way. It gets in the promotions of it. Well, they’ll go look in the promotions folder in the spam folder to find your email because they care about you. Okay? Same thing goes here with giving value versus selling. Sure your emails should be valuable. They should be fun they should be entertaining they should be you know get them add get them happy get them, make them you know get get the blood flowing you know, whatever it is you make it true to who you are. Okay? Don’t try to be you know howard stern if you’re not howard stern that not saying that but you can’t, you know, don’t be dull and drab and careful about every syllable not you don’t want to don’t offend anybody. offended to people. That’s okay. They’ll go away. That’s right. No problem. Be who you are, Be true to who you are. People have amazing bullshit detectors. They will notice if you’re not authentic, so just be authentic.

Okay, it’s not that hard. So, oh, the other one I forgot to put on this list. And it’s important people ask me all the time. How long should your emails be? Probably should be as long as they need to be right. I mean that They shouldn’t be longer than they need to be. But I don’t know what your the story you’re telling. I don’t know the, you know, I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish in that email. They need to be long enough that they make the sale in email. Right? Can you do that in a sentence? Maybe you can make it in a sentence long do you need 55 paragraphs, maybe make it 55 paragraphs It doesn’t matter. Okay, these things aren’t. There’s not a it’s not rocket science make them as long as they need to be, to be fun to be engaging to be entertaining to be useful. And to make the sale that’s that’s what you should be focused on. Okay. And yeah, your dog should wear a tie. That’s that’s every email has a dog with a tie right? Should be Anyway, um, to hear. Stopping reading read this Okay, email marketing with mediocre content will generate mediocre results, if you’re lucky, okay, if you’re lucky. So your obsession should be to make your emails the best they could be okay to make them really, really good. Make them entertaining fun, really grab attention, make people fall in love with you through your emails and read this again, if you do it mediocre, you will get at best mediocre results. Okay, so this is up till here.

I know I’ve said a lot of things people may not normally tell you about email marketing, so you don’t believe I’m telling the truth or you think I’m wrong? Get in here. leave me some comments. I will. I will answer your comments. And if you really believe I’ve said something that people should that is I’m wrong. We’ll have a session and I’ll bring you on live and we’ll we’ll argue it out. Right here in front of the whole world. Okay, if that’s what you want. I know that what I’ve been telling you is true because I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. I’ve made this work. So many times. So definitely, if there’s any one thing you can be doing as an entrepreneur, build an awesome email list, treat it really well and mail as often as you can, and make those emails. Amazing. Okay, and you will be gold. Thank you very much. If you have any questions, if you want any help on anything, just feel free. leave me some comments. Please like the video it helps with the algorithms and you know, Hey, I know you guys want to keep looking at my funky wallpaper. And if nobody says I like these videos, I will sometime we’ll get bored and we’ll go on and do something else. By the way, shape shameless plug, grab my book, Behold the crypto printers. every entrepreneur needs to be learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency it’s a great place to start. I think it’s a fun read. It’s on Amazon Kindle version, paper version. Get it now. Thanks a lot. Take care. Talk to you tomorrow. And stay safe. Bye for now.