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Hello to all,

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Here are the results of last month's competitions:

Competition Weight

UsernameWeight gainedEarnings
willsaldeno1595.6Kg5000 nugget(s) + 50 gem(s)
dariuska20081160.8Kg3750 nugget(s) + 25 gem(s)
mobi72602.3Kg2500 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
kashithegamer18492.5Kg1250 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
cryptoyzzy461.7Kg500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
dechuck446Kg250 nugget(s)
gameexp439.4Kg250 nugget(s)
ragnarr313.7Kg250 nugget(s)
MrGreen221.6Kg250 nugget(s)
thehive160Kg250 nugget(s)

Competition Activities

UsernameTotal durationEarnings
dariuska2008118770 minutes5000 nugget(s) + 50 gem(s)
willsaldeno111216 minutes3750 nugget(s) + 25 gem(s)
gameexp78120 minutes2500 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
cryptoyzzy72600 minutes1250 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
dechuck72440 minutes500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
kashithegamer1867200 minutes250 nugget(s)
mobi7248912 minutes250 nugget(s)
MrGreen42183 minutes250 nugget(s)
galfredbit41785 minutes250 nugget(s)
daigorokoike41310 minutes250 nugget(s)

Competition Clicks

UsernameNumber of clicksEarnings
dariuska2008340 clics5000 nugget(s) + 50 gem(s)
willsaldeno323 clics3750 nugget(s) + 25 gem(s)
dechuck309 clics2500 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
mgzg68166 clics1250 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
cryptoyzzy117 clics500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
atnep111102 clics250 nugget(s)
bigkidstuff101 clics250 nugget(s)
MrGreen99 clics250 nugget(s)
kashithegamer1891 clics250 nugget(s)
gameexp87 clics250 nugget(s)

Competition Gems

UsernameGems spentEarnings
willsaldeno1081 gems325 gem(s)
dariuska2008710 gems142 gem(s)
kashithegamer18436 gems66 gem(s)
gameexp340 gems34 gem(s)
dechuck317 gems16 gem(s)
mobi72266 gems6 gem(s)
cryptoyzzy264 gems6 gem(s)
atnep11174 gems2 gem(s)
bigkidstuff69 gems2 gem(s)
ceheran40 gems1 gem(s)

Congratulations to all the winners

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