Now I'm finally taking a step that many Steemians will hate me for.

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I've been waiting for this moment.

In the last 15 months I have written over 5000 posts. Over 90% of them comments. I have always worked here with mind and heart and tried to act according to my principles.

What has bothered me for a long time are self votes. And that not little! It takes the possibility for me to build up an honest account with a good reputation. If it is said about the Steem, that those who vote for themselves and buy votes, which usually already have more than enough (Steem), vote for themselves here.

I now have 2300 Steempower on my wallet. Most of it, I bought myself. Others do that in a few weeks what I have saved myself laboriously. Still others don't even get to enjoy as much power as I get together. Simply because they are too poor and do not live in an industrialized country.

I stand for these people. Because until now I was poor more or less voluntarily. Money pissed me off. Because you get it easily, when you know how. Usually real hard work is not required. We can see that very well on the Steem. And because I'm not afraid of downvotes as "revenge" of other and big accounts anymore and they would only play into my fingers with it in the long run.

I will downvote every bigger account in the future that votes itself. Also with bots.

I wish you a lot of fun trying to stop that. I don't mind if my contribution is voted down. I have already got used to it as a precaution. By the way, I will also downvote contributions from which I say they have not earned it, or at least should be worth less in the payout.

I therefore deliberately lie down with those who can't do that. I don't care, what anyone thinks about it. Or it doesn't matter, if someone thinks, that Hardfork is to blame. It just played into my hands. Like some behavior that I don't want to see but still could observe long enough to have a firm and strict opinion.

I am curious, how they will react to it.

Of course each Downvote is justified. Except for those who vote for themselves. Because I have done that hereby in detail. I would like to reach with it that a waking up takes place. It seems to me to be the perfect time for it. Few Steemians of many years get to feel now, how a new one feels here. Because I still am and I am new in the Internet.

Therefore I will accept from today on nothing more to earn and be so cheeky to simply continue.
I am sure this measure will bear fruit.

Let us try it out.

Love greetings

Edit say:

Imagine how far-sighted people have become... (Exceptions confirm the rule)

Instead of distributing the votes in the community and thus achieve that you get a higher reputation and more followers. Vote yourself. Stupid. But there you see that the purse must have nothing in common with the intelligence of its wearer. Only greed leads to such a counterproductive result. Apart from the image damage seen externally. The own investment becomes thereby less value. Next BIG FAIL of our greats wise Steemians. I've been getting a kick out of it since I've been here to see this and now I'm going to start to stink at it. Shouldn't nobody be able to say about the Steem, that hardly anyone has the balls to talk Tacheles, if he is invested himself. ;-)


"I will down vote every bigger account in the future that votes itself."

I know a few of the these bigger accounts. One that don't need to vote themselves because they rake in the Steem with every single post they do. it's annoying for sure. and not needed. maybe a future hardfork with do away with self voting all together but I really don't see that happening. (guess I did not see this hardfork happening either though)

Good on you for taking a stand. Perhaps I will too, although my vote is a penny or less its the principal behind of the down vote.

Thank you for your answer. I know our Vote is small. But that is not why i want vote down what should be, if we look with our heart and brain. The People should recognize it if the get more than one real downvote from a other steemian. For your doing i tell you be carefull, there are a lot asholes who can make your life @steem harder. But if you doesnt care it like me, than welcome to the Club. :-)
Salve Alucian

Dir muß wirklich langweilig sein.
Seit ich mich an drei Votingtrails rangehängt habe, "vote" ich mich auch selber. Also indirekt.
Andererseits bin ich ja noch im unteren Mittelfeld.

Das ist ja auch nicht das Problem. Niemand sagt, dass Selbstvoting an sich verkehrt ist. Ist halt wie mit Allem im Leben, es kommt auf das Maß an.

Es gibt aber einige dicke Fische auf dieser Plattform, die veröffentlichen am Tag 10 Mal die selben automatisierten Posts nach Schema F und voten dann AUSCHLIESSLICH sich selbst.

Wenn wir hier schon von einer Communityplattform sprechen und wollen, dass alle daran beteiligt sind, dann ist das einfach ein absolutes No-Go.

Siehe zum Beispiel @me-tarzan

Ich glaube, dagegen richten sich die Flags, die verteilt werden, auch.

Es geht nicht um einen Votingtrail bei dem man sich indirekt selbst votet. Ich übertreibe schon nicht was ich denke und sage. Mir scheint aber das man das gerne so sehen mag. ;-) Vor allem mit dem Abstand den ich inzwischen dazu habe. Meine Meinung( auch außerhalb des Steems oder gerade daher rührend) bleibt das man sich nicht selbst wählt. In keinem Fall. Dein beschriebenes Szenario ist kein Selbst wählen. Du unterstützt andere die dich eben auch mal voten und damit hast du dich nicht selbst gewählt... Oder ist das erste was du im GSB Voter als Kurator machen würdest deine Beiträge zu voten??? Ich glaube nicht. :-) Soweit ist das auch kein Thema. Es geht darum das die Großen sich unverschämt viel selbst voten und die Kleinen das nach machen. Statt sich auf das alte Geben und Nehmen zu konzentrieren. Ein notwendiges Übel mit dem System. Man kann das nicht einfach unterbinden durch X Hardforkes. Es ist der Nutzer also der Mensch der sich ändern müsste. Deshalb erlaube ich mir 100 Dollar Beiträge und aufwährts schön downzuvoten. Natürlich nicht wenn kein Bitbot oder Selbstvote zu erkennen ist. ;-)
Also alles halb so wild.

Nein, ich hab natürlich in meiner GSB-Zeit um meine eigenen Beiträge einen großen Bogen gemacht. Gab ja auch genug andere wirklich schöne.
Aber es ist schon ziemlich viel an Selbstvotes zusammengekommen. Immerhin erschrecke ich nicht mehr bei jeder.

You know you're onto something when said people start downvoting this post :D

That is what i am think too. :-)