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Friends of steemit on this occasion I would like to share with you one of the themes that I has more pleased since I began my studies as a agricultural business administration Bachelor, which is the need for the field in Venezuela, i.e. from the production in this country, through comprehensive self-sufficient farms enabling livelihoods for families, since in them can be collected all the necessary elements for farmers.

These comprehensive farms shows the integrity and sustainability, since the use is possible. Already, run with prior planning, to make the distribution of each element in an adequate manner fluid, i.e., that comprehensive farm can exist in both planting and breeding, allowing that the principle of comprehensiveness and sustainability reign .

Now, because of the technological advances that have been in the world this type of farm they have been forgotten, but it is required to retake them in Venezuela, due to the situation facing the country in recent years; Whereas this practice seeks first and foremost to promote agriculture healthy without use of fertilizers and any type of chemical product and secondly not to use expensive concentrated feed, since you are looking for the recycling of all the elements. In addition, living-oriented agrarian production diversified, to avoid depending only upon a stocking, but instead dropped the price of a crop can be made other farm product.

Similarly, these farms seek a harmonious balance of nature, in a way such that there are no waste, but which are used for fertilizer, fuel and others. Since, takes advantage of the traditional experiences of farmers, which means a saving of money.

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