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So much news has come out in the last few days that I decided to divide it into 2 texts - one about movies based on comics and anime, the other for all the rest. Well, without prolonging it, I start;).

[WW 1984]
We're going to start with something fun, which is DC-Warner who returned to the role of clowns. Could the Amazon be about to start its Oscars rally? I only see a chance in the case of the fight for golden raspberries: D. Even in a time when comic book fans were able to look favorably upon such poor films when we didn't get that many, this film wouldn't hold back. Damn, even the weakest Marvel films are better, because at least the special effects look ok there (during the premiere or a few months after it), and here they even failed. Well, at least we'll have a laugh at the awards.

[Justice League Snyder Cut]
We got another piece of information about Zack Snyder's version. This time we found out about the secret identity of one of the heroes. In an interview with Collider, Harry Lennix admitted that his hero is Martian Manhunter. Apparently, this is not the only hero we will see in this unique director's cut. As for my opinion - I don't remember this character, but referring to the previous post, even in those, to put it mildly, not very successful MCU films, there was much better foreshadowing and using such characters in the background.

[Black Mask in the CW series]
To end the part about DC in a relatively positive way, I wrote a few words about the new Villian in the CW series. I don't know him very well, I have never followed this universe, and from movies or animations with him, I only saw "Birds of Prey" in which we didn't get to know him very well. A few days ago I watched him with my girlfriend, and although I still positively evaluate the role of Ewan McGregor, he didn't have many opportunities to accurately portray his character. At Arroverse, he will be the leader of the False Face Society. The series will start airing on January 17 this year.

[Deadpool 3]
Well, finally, really interesting news from Marvel for me. Kevin Feige said in an interview with Collider that not only is work on the 3rd part in progress, but also Ryan Reynolds' character will go to the MCU + will retain the age category for adults. Work on the script is currently underway, unfortunately, the shooting of the film will not start this year, but if it affects the quality of the plot, I can wait. Though I liked both films in this respect, it was the most annoying part of the second or third screening. Once you know the gags in this movie, most of them don't laugh, and the screening itself becomes very boring. The third installment has a chance to change that, especially since Reynolds and the writers have a lot of options when it comes to using Marvel, and Disney and Feige won't have to limit themselves, as with the 13-year-old MCU. Fingers crossed!

[Secret Invasion]
This is not the end of the information from Kevin and Collider. In the same (or another, but probably at a similar time) interview, Kevin Feige commented on his decision, including using the event on the show. I don't know him because, as I've mentioned many times, I don't know Marvel comics. I hear it was badly driven, but I don't know the details. If it's going to be as good an adaptation as for Civil War, then I'm all for it. Some complained that it has nothing to do with its original + there were too few heroes in it, but in my opinion, it was a good decision. We got a good movie and an interesting conflict between the two characters and ideas. Surprisingly good and not stupid for most Marvel scenarios. If they outplay it just as well in this case, it will be a good show with political elements. I'm not worried about the actors, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn showed in "Captain Marvel" that there is good chemistry between them.

[More information about series]
We also got information about the other Marvel series. Feige said they would vary in length to suit the genre and content. In the case of "Loki", "Moonknight" and "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" it will be 6 episodes with a length of 40-50 minutes, while "She-Hulk" will have 10 episodes, 30 minutes each. It's a great decision for me, on the plus side of what Netflix has done, which has made every Marvel series in too much of a style. While in the case of Daredevil it was okay, in the case of the others not so much. The effect of this is that it was getting worse with the premiere of each new one.

[Phase 4 in the MCU]
In an interview with The New York Times, Kevin Feige told some technical details about the next phase of Marvel's expansion. There is no news about the next productions, but we got some important news about the impact of Covid-19 and the delays caused by the pandemic.

The latest movie starring Jared Leto has been delayed from March to October.

[The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgment]
The anime will have 24 episodes.

[Edens Zero]
We got a release date and an anime teaser. "Edens Zero" will hit Japanese TV on April 10.