Bitter experience

in #english6 years ago

Hello friends of steemit in this opportunity I write these lines to make of your knowledge a situation that happened to me on March 13 of this year at approximately 10 am (Venezuela time), where my steemit account was hacked by the user @ receive.steem and likewise, this user was transferred the total amount of sbd that were in my account. I tell you about this situation, so that they know the process they are using so that users that we do not know in the totality of Steemit's universe fall into their "servant". I explain below how it happened.At 10 am, I started to check my @rhinaluisa user and observe each post that you published daily, so you can comment and vote (I confess I'm a little inexperienced even in the universe of steemit), so I asked my daughter who will execute a change of sbd from her computer, however, when she tries to enter my user they indicate that the password used is incorrect, she immediately communicates it to me and my answer was that it was impossible because, she just entered recently to my user, we try again and without success.

At that precise moment my children observed my history of transactions and notice that they have transferred all the steem dollar they had as shown in the image (according to him it was a gift)


As happened in these last days at that moment the electricity failed in our sector waiting with uncertainty for hours to contact a user to guide us in the process to follow due to hacking, when the electric service was finally restored, my daughter through de discordapp could contact the user @nelyp of the team of @cervantes who guided the process for the recovery of the account. However, while all this was happening, my user was being used to hack other accounts, through comments left in English with a link that made them hacked, thanks for those users who observed the negative and did not enter their trap



Since, this person when I stole the account was responsible for making about 30 comments, looking to harm other users.


Similarly, through this post I want to thank the user @nelyp who helped me with the recovery of the account indicating the entire process for it, and ask for excuses to users who fell into that trap due to the hacking done on my account , I can only remind you that I have a just God to whom I serve and is greater than all that they wanted to do to me, just as I ask that those of us who live in this universe in a legal and honest way continue blessing us to achieve a better enjoy the platform ... Blessings for ALL a thousand thanks.