Judicious choice = success

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As company at the moment of shaping the teams of work, we depend on persons who are placed in strategic positions and in which we entrust the most valued and important resource inside the organization, as it it is the Human resource.

This human talent, to belong to the company it happens for a process of recruiting, selection and finally hiring. In opportunities we obtain ourselves with the fulfillment of two of the steps that I have just mentioned, that is to say, we recruit to the personnel be already in an internal or external way and he is hired; obviating the selection between several candidates of the occupant who expires with the profile l suitably for the vacant job.

A guessed right personnel selectionguarantees to the organization abenefits sinnúmeros, as it it is to placethe worker in the position according toits capacity and this way to be sure thatit will help with the fulfillment of theestablished goals, the same way thereis guaranteed a long labor relation, increase of the productivity betweenothers.

We must never deny importance of thePersonnel selection process, since wecould have observed, in manycompanies or organizations, thatAquiles's heel has been its resource orhuman talent, due to a mistaken hiringof personnel, because simply they didnot expire with the selection of theabove mentioned worker.

To conclude we must understand thatthe excellence of a management, insidean organization it is public or private, itis given by a guessed right Selection ofpersonnel which will lead the same wayto the success of the same one.

Authoress: @rhinaluisa, Licda. in business administration.

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