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Guest Posting Friday

Hello D.Buzz crew, welcome to the Friday Guest post.

We want to collaborate with the community and help everyone learn and grow. Today we are thrilled to be collaborating with @SumatraNate. He has submitted the following article, focusing on learning English, and that is awesome. The article and views expressed are not from D.Buzz, please let us know if you have any concerns or questions about the content in the comments or let us know on Discord. We are open to other guests posters as well, contact us to discuss this more.

Thank you and here is the guest post. :)

Hey everyone, my name is @SumatraNate. In this guest post, I will be sharing four new Words of the Week!

Let’s LEAP right in – Learn, Encourage, Acknowledge, and Practice.


We had a great group of words this week. If you have not had a chance to review our most recent words, I am sharing their meanings below:

  • Tangible (adjective) - can be touched
  • Plaudit (noun) - statement giving strong praise
  • Reprehensible (adjective) – shameful or very bad
  • Tardy (adjective) – slow or late

To read example sentences, be sure to check out @Definitions on D.Buzz, where I share new a word four days a week – Monday through Thursday.

If you prefer to listen to the Words of the Week, watch this video!


My encouragement for the week is: Practice! Practice! Practice!

When I taught English while living overseas, a lot of people ask me how they could improve their English skills. I always responded, “Practice! Practice! Practice!’ No one ever liked that answer.

Learning another language is hard work. It takes time and effort. I cannot promise you what you will ever sound like a native speaker, but I can promise you will never improve unless you practice.

Practice listening and speaking every day!


I want to acknowledge @stefano.massari and @dmhafiz for writing some great example sentences this week. I really appreciate both of you taking what you have learned and applying it. Great job!

I believe it is important to acknowledge people's efforts and improvement. How do I plan to do that?

  • I want to showcase English learners who are practicing, improving, and becoming better communicators. I hope that I will be able to add your name here soon.
  • I will be rewarding quality, authentic engagement with ENGAGE tokens.


It is time to practice.

Write 1 or 2 sentences using all of this week’s words. There will be a special surprise for the person who writes the best sentence.

Thanks for stopping by and letting a part of of your English journey!

Have a blessed day, and keep practicing English! I look forward to the next time we can meet again!

Signing off!
@Sumatranate on behalf of @EnglishWithNate and @Definitions

More About SumatraNate:
I am a native English speaker from the United States who has a passion for helping people become good communicators. While living in Indonesia, I taught conversational English.

Trust me! I understand how hard it is to learn a new language. I have experience learning a new language and interacting with people who are learning a new language.

Communication is an important part of being human. Since it impacts our everyday lives, we need to understand the goal of communication. I believe that the goal of communication is to “hear and be heard.”

  • “hear” = carefully listening to what other people say
  • ”be heard” = speaking in such a way that people understand our message

The ultimate goal is to understand one another.

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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Wow! I really appreciate this @dbuzz and @SumatraNate, Thanks very much.

thanks for the mention .... great job! The work of “definitions” and “englishwithnate” greatly enrich the platform

Hello, @dbuzz. I think if you want to succeed with your D.Buzz project, it would be a good idea to install the Lightning DB web/microblogging speeding up system LeoFinance is implementing in the next few days. Maybe you can just copy/paste it into D.Buzz, it would be a matter of speaking to them to see what they think.

Otherwise D.Buzz is condemned to be use only for already Hive members without any posibility to stretch out.