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Enkronos system was created with ability to work over multiple channels with a mission to build up a complete solutions in promoting, publicizing, man-made reasoning (AI) and handling of data. The middle focal point of Enkronos ecosystem is to unite the whole procedure of organizations commitment and interface with their clients. The Apps work on a trusted and distributed ledger technology which guarantees ethic promoting, advertising and data-driven crusades.

With this methodology, organizations are capable not exclusively to have a complete path through they can draw in their clients at a go over multiple channels, however they are additionally capable process and make exhaustive solutions. The application is furnished with answer for each issue inside the system and can incorporate and process data in a brief timeframe.

How It Works
Enkronos Apps are worked around an adaptable model which empowers simple evacuation, modifications, altering or improving any piece of application without investing much energy in it. The applications make utilized of a brought together single sign-in (SSO) process that is ready to deal with validation and approval matters that could emerge in the reason for utilizing the application. The empowering usability of all the Apps inside Enkronos Apps ecosystem.

Content developers on the platform can get input from every one of the applications with the assistance of a cloud based server that empowers them to process and oversee wellsprings of data that the Apps accumulate together. This is done through a solitary easy to use interface.

In the Enkronos Apps ecosystem, there is a three layers platform where all applications and solutions can be found. These three layer incorporates data, platform and administrations. The primary dimension is made of an open record or database of private individual or corporate client. The second dimension help with associating every one of the data accessible, interface it to an administration and later sort this data and offer it couple with the entrance benefits of the correct data. The last dimension offers access to conclusive clients by knowing the administrations and applications that is accessible for the client. Client can either be a client or an administrator and this last layer will be the one that will be noticeable most.

Advantages Of Enkronos Platform
The most huge distinctive between Enkronos Apps from some other is the way that with regards to moral utilization of data and data protection, the Apps is furnished with highlights that safe clients data. This helps a great deal in controlling against maltreatment of data in a protected and unquestionable process that guarantees moral utilization of data.

This is conceivable by the utilization of the permanent blockchain technology which is the technology that the platform is based on and made accessible for all partners inside the ecosystem.

The exercises inside the ecosystem of Enkronos is energized by Enkronos token (ENK). The token is the local utility token of the platform which is ERC20 consistence.

You can just access the applications through the token. This empowers utilization of any data inside the ecosystem to be set on private records. Be that as it may, all the equivalent, application empowers open communication as an approach to guarantee moral conduct.

Enkronos Applications
The applications of Enkronos can be utilized in numerous industry which incorporates fund, government, vitality, retail, media and distributing houses.
Numerous assignments should be possible inside Enkronos ecosystem. These errands incorporates steadfastness programs the executives, multiple challenge platforms tasks, computerized ticketing, the board of internet business and couponing. It likewise give spaces for e-casting a ballot, following of area, sensor checking tasks and Crowdfunding. It can likewise be utilized to run and dealt with a charging system.

With the end goal to permit these errands, the application permits the making of a database that is brought together. This can be recently made or a current database can be transported in and inside the ecosystem, a client can make a mind boggling classifications which can be partitioned into segments for focused enthusiasm with self-executing activities on such segments.

Third-party Apps
The Enkronos Apps ecosystem gives designers opportunity to make applications that not comparative with Enkronos Apps. Engineers just need to share the protected SSO and the API association inside the Enkronos Apps environment.

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