Video of my Steem/Bitshares/EOS presentation from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

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What's up everyone! A few weeks ago I mentioned that I gave a presentation on the benefits of the DPoS blockchain and obviously highlighted the big 3: Steem, Bitshares and EOS.

My Virtual Assistant has just finished the video and I'd like to share it with you!!

Please excuse the lighting, which was VERY poor and impacted the video. Most of it was unusable and we had to resort to only slides and and my voice as an overlay. Don't worry, the audio quality is very high.


Wanna give credit to for all the wonderful info!


Hi Ashe, great work if you're passing threw Bangkok and would like to give a presentation at a Satoshi Square EOS meetup, you'd be welcome. There is also something being planned with everipedia as part a tour following their airdrop. 👌

omg Satoshi Square!! I used to hang w/ Josh Rossi (the founder of SS) and wrote a piece on LTB years ago (

I've moved to Bali for a few months but i'll def let you know when i'm back in Thailand. We should def catch up someone on Skype or something. Thx for keeping up, John :)

Yes, that would be cool, nice piece you wrote there btw. To my knowledge, LTB was the first forum that rewarded content curators, with the LTBcoin. Steemit has taken it a stage further and that something new will emerge from EOS... exciting times. 😎

I consider this a especially well done presentation. Much respect for putting it together and then posting it for the rest of us.

thank you so much, Mike. It's my pleasure to help spread an understanding of such amazing tech, how we can profit from it and how it creates freedom in our personal lives.

Finally i was waiting for this video! Still half way through the video but Iv'e already learned a lot. Thank you for sharing @ashe-oro

it took a while to get produced, but thanks for being eagar. Hope you enjoy :)

Yeah well I need to learn more about blockchain, steemit and basically anything related to cryptocurrency and you have been doing so. Which helps a lot. Thanks again @ashe-oro

great sir! see your presentation on Steem/Bitshares/EOS in thailand! your great work for community ! yaah there is never been a steem classic or bitshare cash fork and the original remaun intack!
glad to see your voice and keeping up and really appriciatable! sorry for come late now i am watching your presentation and hope you will succes in your steemsmarter project!

Bitshares , Steem , Eos . 3 gems of 2018 .

no doubt!

Nicely covered , even i was into gold & silver in 2011 .

and it hurts....

Lol true , i thought silver would moon just like Btc mooned . Heavy manipulation stopped them from gaining any momentum .

Manipulation so bad in metals. May be coming to crypto. I mean it already is but this time from the professional Chicago boys in the futures at CME

VERY nice post good information i like it keep it up

Waiting with my fiat for EOS to launch main net.

don't wiat for the launch of the mainnet!

Thank you @ashe-oro, As always you post Great Stuff
Awesome video! A lot of useful information... I would love to see a video about LISK’s DPOS

i'm not familiar with LISK but maybe I should be. Thanks for tuning in!

Congratulation to you @ashe-oro for your successful presentation In your presentation you shared alot of information Your way to present is very nice And impressing Due to my internet problem i can not watch your whole video because it create problem so i will try it to watch later Huge thanks for sharing this Information I wish you All the best and for your success

you are very welcome! Keep traveling and learning :)

Thanks for you well wishes

dear sir @ashe-oro a great information that you share you are a great worker of steemit and a great supporter of steem it provide more information and always support steemit like this

EOS is undervalued right now . I think it will easily go 10 times from it's current valuations .

agreed. This is a $100 coin.

Thanks for your video shared

Thanks for this video.

I really appreciate you.
Thank you

I got knowledge that I don’t know from your presentation. Thank you.
Do you live in Chieng Mai?
Nice place.😊

It'd be cool if you can also do a presrntation on currency focused DAO like Dash and everything that copied the ideas. PIVX, SmartCash, ZEN seems to be the big players here.

Currently I'm torn between Dash and PIVX. Since PIVX is smaller but similar I think I'll favor it more.

this a especially well done presentation. i have so much respect for putting it together and then posting it on Steemit for us. u are always good @ashe-ore

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