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Here is part 2 of our short-film series that we are releasing. We hope you like it!

If you missed part 1, you can watch it here.

Please see the full BitSpace EOS Block Producer Candidacy proposal on Steemit here.
You can also find our EOS Block Producer Roadmap here.

Stay tuned for video number 3!




Great to know the core of the BITSPACE Team, and that is empowering people through the Blockchain Technology and developing the Decentralized system on Global scale by combined efforts of Global Communities. And yes, when an resource reflects the qualities and aspects as Independent, Transparent and showcasing Ethics, then that shows the what can be the efficiency. Thanks for sharing this part 2 video with us and good wishes team for the future establishments. Wishing you'll great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

I am a true subscriber in youtube of you, the truth has taken away a lot of ignorance in the subject, with easy and simple words to understand everything very well, thanks friend for the help, EOS technology is insurgent and provocative for us to decentralize
greeting from South America.

my support is always with you @bitspace... your part 2 video about EOS IS so amazing. i really like it..

best of luck & thanks for share with us..

Thanks for part 2 video guys!It is always good to know more and more things about you.
I believe in your vision and I think EOS blockchain can rock the world.
Transparency and political freedom...
I strongly believe that we can gain freedom in many more eras.We just need to spread the word!

I always Support You @bitspace & Your Post Awsome

Your videos are awesome Through your videos I shed new things. That makes me feel happy and motivates me to do a lot.
Thanks for nice posting

My support is always with you @bitspace
This is very informative topic from you.
All the best.

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wow really nice video.. part 2 video about EOS IS SO awesome...i like the project so much. its really big project.

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Wonderful! Will be closely following any updates from you guys. Excited!