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Last week we announced the fully operational BTWTY gateway between EOS and BitShares at Any token on the BitShares DEX has the potential to be traded against any other asset already on the network.

That’s a powerful exponential factor meaning the instant you receive BTWTY.EOS on BitShares you can trade it for any of the hundreds of active assets on network. You could even start up your own market and profit from bid / ask spreads like the pros!

An industry grade decentralized exchange was a core feature of BitShares since inception. Many more financial features have been integrated over the years by a dedicated community.

In this post we’ll focus on one operation you can do beyond placing a traditional limit order. Specifically automated market makers (AMMs or ‘liquidity pools’) leverage a balancing algorithm to facilitate exchanges 24/7 and earn revenue for stakeholders regulated by a percentage based exchange fee. The following AMM pairings are live on the BitShares network: BTS; TWENTIX; BTWTY. You can find these pairings by navigating in your web browser to and enter “BTWTY.EOS” in the box labeled Asset B.


The exchange networks are kept in equilibrium by a combination of human and automatic traders (bots). This simple slide belies a more powerful insight – each of the pairings with BTWTY.EOS have their own respective combination of pools. Thus offering a powerful bootstrapping effect for BTWTY.EOS.

For more technical information on BitShares AMM visit the documentation at



Great work, keep it up! :)

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