EOS Top Tools by user ratings

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EOS Top Tools by user ratings

by @controllinghand

We are still in the early stages of EOS main launch. And the EOS Ratings site is very new.

So, if you disagree with these ratings then go to the site and rate your favorite tool.

As of Oct 7th 2018 here are the top tools by user ratings.

Top Wallet Monitor

Telegram and Email bot by EOS Authority
with 35 points

Top Explorer

Bloks.io by EOS CAFE and HKEOS
with 20 points

Top Wallet

EOS Voter by teamgreymass
with 20 points

Here are the rest of the tools if you are interested.


We need more ratings from the EOS community. As you can see not many ratings are in but these three tools are top notch if you ask me.