Rate your Favorite EOS Wallet

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Rate your Favorite EOS Wallet

by @controllinghand

EOS Wallets

If you are an EOS community member and want to support your favorite EOS wallet maker, then visit the https://eosratings.com/wallets/ and rate the wallet. Let's show our appreciation for the hard work from some of our BPs.

Also, come by the telegram channel https://t.me/eosbpratings and let me know if I'm missing anything or just ping me here on steemit.

Here are the current wallets I have so far:

  • eos-voter by Greymass
  • eostookkit.io by Genereos
  • MyEOSkit by EOSAsia

These are all BP created wallets.

I will be adding non-BP wallets soon
cleos and scatter


With SimplEOS and Scatter missing, i doubt this rating does make much sense, because these are among the best wallets or wallet like tools out there.

I use three eos wallet. They are math wallet by medishares, EOS wallet by MagicWallet, Pormelo wallet by five BPs and MORE wallet by more.top. The Halo wallet by EOS Gravity and MEET wallet by meet.one haven't been used by me.

Can you send me links to the wallet you use?