Why I love EOSNEWYORK BP and the EOS Mechanics team

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Why I love EOSNEWYORK BP and the EOS Mechanics team

By @controllinghand

We need to recognize when good happens. If you have been following what EOS Mechanics have put together then you might agree with me that they rock!
Please visit their site for more information: https://eosmechanics.com/

In summary they have developed tooling to monitor the top 21 Block Producers ability to produce blocks. Not all BP are created equal. They track the execution time for each BP.

Before reading on please see this disclaimer:
EOS Token holders should not rely on EOS Mechanics benchmark results as an absolute indication of block producers’ performance. Results are mainly intended for operators of the EOS infrastructure to have additional metrics that can aid them in testing different infrastructures, configurations and features while identifying performance differences and potential bottlenecks. These statistics are not subject to verification by other nodes on the network; therefore it is possible for block producers to manipulate them. Furthermore, running custom software or configurations may impact the measurement of these metrics.

Now on to the fun stuff.

Here is the chart:

You will notice a few awesome things here:

  1. All BPs now have a way to determine if they are performing well
  2. Those BPs that are above the Red Line should be doing something to address this
  3. EOS New York took this data and did something about this in a timely manner

We as part of the EOS community should be monitoring this data and reward those BPs that continue to keep the blockchain running strong.

Shout out to:

Shout out to:

For creating this awesome tool!