Looking for programmers to join us in London EOS Hackathon for $100,000 prize

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Hi all,

Myself and @beanz and possibly Sharif from @eosdublin are looking to enter the EOS hackathon next month, September 22-23. The top prize is $100,000 and there will be other prizes as well.


I have worked as a software developer for several years, my sister @beanz and Sharif are both deeply involved in EOS, Sharif runs the block producer EOS Dublin along with his co-founder Sam. Ideally we'd be looking for more programmers to join the team, my background is in .NET where EOS tech stack is largely C++.

Reply here if you're interested and we can chat on Telegram.


thank you for your help in my comments! good luck in london!!!

Wow you have such a beautiful family siblings. Steemians should hurry to tell others to reply for such a great opportunity. Thanks @demotruk for bringing to the notice of all. Let me resteem also and get some of my guys informed.

would love to enter the team, to get you drinks, arrange the food for the team and make sure you can hackaton non-stop ;-)

Unfortunately I could not find a team some months ago. What is the idea to work out during the hackaton?

My understanding is that we have to come up with some solution based on info given at the event. We are not supposed to have a pre-planned solution.

Maybe it is changed with before. I thought you have to pitch your idea and Then you Can get invited. You Can not start up front with programming. You must start with nothing at the event. But that was for Some earlier hackaton

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The one skill I wish I had, but don't

Oh! How I wish was a programmer, I would not have let this great opportunity pass me by.

i wish i could made it

Very nice sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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