EOS Telegram Summary 2/19/18 - Blockchains and Green Energy

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EOS general chat was light on actual EOS related talk most of the morning, though many shared other articles relating to blockchain and crytocurrency. Many read an article about internet decentralization:

Another non-EOS but blockchain relevant share:

India's Prime Minister weighed in on blockchain:

Ian Grigg with block.one stopped by to dispel one of many ongoing scams (the EOS token sale CAN'T end early, it's an unstoppable smart contract according to Dan. There will NEVER be an airdrop of EOS tokens. Stay vigilant!):

Katie Roman, writer of "EOS, The Great Liberator", released her second article in the series, "EOS - Innovation in Decentralization" to heavy acclaim and resharing:

Dan came by to confirm the fake coindesk email scam:

And then did a brief Q&A. On the token sale price vs. exchange price:

Purchase agreement info:

The EOSphere team is embarking on a trip around Australia to do meetups and spread awareness:

EOS Developers learned how to make money from their dapps, as Bart of block.one explained:

He further clarified:

Dan stopped in to remove two spammers and answer Cesar's question:

Over in EOS BlockPros, Eric was caught green thumbed:


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Its getting more exciting every day!

ofcourse it is @hossary

Yes sir to GMOIndia!! Got to get down with it!! Thanks for the post!! Good to see influential people encouraging adoption! Looking forward to interesting times ahead!!

its encouraging

Good work lads, with thousands of messages every day it's becoming increasingly difficult to track what's going on on EOS telegram channel. I appreciate your daily updates with the most interesting stuff.

The amount of crypto scams that go on is sickening. We need to do our part to constantly educate the new comers. I don't like seeing stuff like "Well if you were dumb enough to lose your coins you should not have had them in the first place." That is not the attitude we need. Anyways, keep up the good work

By rejecting the facts we will get no benefit.
Technologies in shape of Crypto or IOT or whatever, we must adopt, leaving no step behind, go forward and and evolve.
Whether its EOS or other Crypto's its all about revolution.

“Digital empowerment can only happen if there is digital inclusion. With the advent of new technologies like AI, Blockchain and IoT, reskilling of young professionals is critical.”

I just love EOS. I started investing in it in early September, and going for the long run :9

it keeps getting better and aswesome everyday....well done to developers

This is very useful guys, keep it up!

tchu tchu :)