EOS.IO Software Announcements Rescheduled to Blockchain Live, London.

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Dan Larimer had planned to attend the The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai this September to specifically discuss the EOS.IO software and next steps, but organizers preferred that he not speak about EOS. As a result, he has decided to move his presentation to Blockchain Live on September 20th in London. Brendan Blumer will still be attending the conference in Shanghai to speak about Decentralized Autonomous Companies.

In London, attendees will hear from Dan Larimer, Brendan Blumer, and Brock Pierce on an array of topics including EOS's next steps. You can see their scheduled talks here: https://blockchainlive.com/adopter-agenda/

It was great to see all of the interest from the community members wanting to attend Blockchain Live to hear from and meet our speakers. For anyone that wasn’t able to get tickets, the team will be attending an EOS London Meetup on the 19th. You can sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/EOS/

We are excited to continue spreading awareness about the software through conferences and community-organized Meetups.


I don't like what its doing to the value on short term but as I will attend the presentation in London it will be much cooler to witness it myself :)

I look forward for London presentation.

It's a particular global deployment which makes thw weather very hard for any blockchain similar activity.

Now that JP Morgan declared war to Bitcoin it's clear there will be other people as well that will follow them.

The prejudice it's one of the most generous seeds: iy can gives as lots of problems overnight , we have to think about it and how important it is to consider our work as community of people, writers , developers, investors.. can we just look at blaming news and have no action ?

If I'm still in London, I'll be looking forward to go. Will it also be livestreamed?


Quite good news, actually.

Brock spoke here in LA last month; you might catch the stream if twitter archived it.

"Castles in the Sky"

This metaphor is the bigger picture for me, where companies like Apple, Alibaba, and Amazon have already staked out and built up some marvelous castles in the cloud.

Blockchain is now enabling a new generation of open-source- ish castles to be built. Castles ruled not by a King, but instead ruled by whatever rules are imagined, planned, and set forth in code.

EOS is going up against ETH and now, NEO too.

Pity about Shanghai, If China hadn't gone all Fuddy it would have been a good launchpad. Does this mean that we need to wait for 20th for the EOS Dawn 1.0 https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/milestone/1 ? I don't mind, just want to blank out time to digest it as my future project plans are focused on EOS.


but organizers preferred that he not speak about EOS

They probably invested a lot in ETH and they have fear in their eyes...
...or they don't want to raise the EOS price as long as possible.

Is there going to be a livestream or is it getting recorded and uploaded somewhere?
Whats the reason the organizers spezifically don't want EOS?

@eosio Great submit. Hardwork pays a lot more so preserve Functioning tough!.

lol China is abt to get crypto PWND! We are honey badgers!

Please live stream from London.