What it feels like to have 20% of shares of your biggest competitor?

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If the price of EOS tokens stays at the current level, the final valuation of EOS will be around USD 5 billion. Which is around 20% of Ethereum.

What does it mean?


The consequences are much more profound than you might realize.

It means that if EOS founders don't dump their ETH immediately after receiving it, they will end up with around 20% of shares of their biggest competitor. Thus they will be able to control its price to a large degree and bring it down significantly whenever this suits them.

I guess I don't need to explain how big an advantage this might be, especially when you synchronize this power with your marketing campaign.


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And by June 2018, ethereum market cap could grow a lot, diluting the current '20% share' of eos to something much smaller, even if eos tokens do retain their current value

That's a big if, i wouldn't expect EOS to remain at 5$ for very long

Yep that would certainly give them the power to cause a panic and make the price of ETH plummet, if they bought back at the right point they could quickly turn that 20% into a much larger stake too.

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BTW, How many Ethereum's flash crashes can be caused by that amount? 100?
Do you remember the last one ?
Just Kidding...but seriously it's enough to destabilize the whole "Ethereum Economy."

They sure will, dumped some of my EOS to withdraw my initial stake. Holding the rest for the longterm.

EOS might become 5 billion USD per EOS or total cap and when?

The final supply of EOS is 1 billion tokes and will be reached by June 2018.
The current price is over 5 USD per token.

That is surprising for me that EOS is 5$, really? :(

I would think it's not sustainable in the long run, as it requires an inflow of USD 10 mln of new capital daily to keep it at the current level.

Why 10 mln daily? 2 mln EOS tokes come into existence every day and each one needs to sell at 5 USD to sustain the current price. Unrealistic but still not impossible.

That is why i hope it will decrease and i can fill my bag easily.

There is probably quite a lot of speculation going on, at least I hope so..

Very interesting thought. The distribution via Ethereum is really kind of weird, never really understood it. But maybe I'm just sour, because I didn't manage to buy EOS in the first distribution (because the server didn't send it..) so now I feel a bit left out. ;)

I felt the same, but now I begin to realize what kind of advantage it gives. You drain your competitor (when you dump its shares) and offer an easy way to jump ships for its shareholders.

I've got no clue what to do with my EOS coins, there is long way to go until they will eventually get something line up. I'm thinking dump and buy at lower price.

absolutely there will be big consequences, positive or negative

i think you have right bro

Missed the ICO, so holding fire on this, and watching the fireworks from the sidelines. It's great to see EOS come out with a bang though. Will keep an eye on future developments, and possibly fill a bag or 2 on the dips. Promising start though!

Now does anyone know how much EOS is being bought by the Ethereum foundation or large ETH stakeholders like Vitalik?

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