Definition of bullish price action = EOS 📈

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My favorite chart and largest holding by far... EOS!

Testnet is Monday, December the 4th. Buckle up friends!


Can i borrow some money :p

Absolutely! How are things? Sorry been off of here for a while. I tend to hang out in the EOS and Bitshares telegram chat rooms.

Hanging in there man, thanks for asking! I bet you are lol, ive believed in what you said from the beginning :). Would love to have an extra $20k right now :D.

Everything good with you?

Yeah. Just staying busy with the kids and thinking of new ways to be involved in the cryptosphere. Trying to get into the Christmas mode but it’s hard when it’s still so warm.

Lol :p, im freezing bro lol. Just had a fire last night. Me as well, in process of getting some mining equipment. Lots of ideas, doing what i can, dealing w my pain pooh pooh

That’s awesome, about the mining equipment! Sorry you’re still dealing with the pain.

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