EOS - still very early! 🚀

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$EOS has been listed on Bithumb, the Korean exchange with the biggest trading volumes in the world! 

Graph for December: 

It is , in my opinion still a very early investment . I got in cheap at 50c , bought some early in the ICO as well (didn't yet claim them, I hope that's still possible) and bought some more at around 6$ last week. 

My target for EOS is 100$ and I'm not thinking of selling any coin until that target is reached. #HODL

It is now a very good buy on Bitfinex at $8.00 a coin. 

If you are new to the space, let me remind you that Ethereum was 8.9$ on May 1st 2016, 1 year and a half ago .  It's at 720$ after a rather slow climb of the general market cap . At today's speeds , this is a matter of months, in my opinion. 

Dawn 3.0 was announced end of January 2018, that means  Multi-threading, shared memory database, interchain communication! What does that mean ? Some deep shit that you don't have to care about too much . 

I will not get into why EOS > Ethereum . Ether is also big in my portfolio. What you should also consider is that the whole EOS team is working on coding , building and improving the network , and about 0 marketing and integration yet. That time will come and it will blow away this shitty fake news about X signing with Microsoft , Y signing with Google which are only meant to pump coins .

Regardless , the future looks bright for crypto, it's only the beginning, right? 


I agree with you I am firmly convinced that EOS will be at least between $ 500 and $ 1,000 in 5 years. Emphasis on AT LEAST !!!!

Things are loooking good man

So many currencies to invest in, but so little money to invest. And after all.. there can only be one Bitcoin. Or can there?

There is room for all :)

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