EOS daily token transfer statistics

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I've started extracting data from Ethereum blockchain to better understand ERC20 token ecosystems. At this moment I'm particularly interested in the transfers data. EOS has the largest marketcap so it goes first.

EOS price

EOS market cap

Daily count of token transfer transactions

Daily sum of transferred tokens

Daily unique addresses


@ontofractal Hi there Ontofractal I am trying to find a developer with experience in Steem for an upcoming project and I came across your profile. Can you please tell me the best way to contact you directly?

This transaction number is pointless until main net is launched and real EOS token is used...

Hey @ontofractal, check your date axis. It says Aug and Oct 2018 instead of 2017

Thanks, @pk170! Data seems to be correct, this is some weird visualization app bug

Welcome! Any way it is quite interesting what the data shows.

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EOS mking big moves

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