BetDice (DICE) on EOS - A hidden gem?

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Okay - this is not one of SirKnight's usual posts and it is not meant to be a promo for BetDice - though it might come across like one.

BetDice is offering an hourly dividend income stream (profit share) - and because of this - we can attempt to calculate the intrinsic value of the tokens. And they are looking cheap at present.

So would someone be so kind as to check this Knight's 'back of the envelope' for BetDice, DICE token, which follows below. Though this Knight is pretty certain it is right.

BetDice is doing a roaring trade at present and probably accounts for 25% EOS transactions.

DICE has only listed on their internal EOS exchange two days ago and the token looks under-priced.

Anyhow - do your own research and all that stuff. Even if the numbers are right - this Knight can not be certain that the payouts are genuine profit distributions - or perhaps part of a marketing campaign etc.

This Knight has taken a modest position - considering how thinly traded the token is.

I am... SirKnight

Back of the envelope.

BetDice (DICE) units 3,800,000,000.00

Profit distribution to staked DICE holders
Daily profit distribution EOS (current average) 15,000 EOS
Daily profit distribution $US (current average) $77,250 $US $5.15
Annual Profit Distribution $US $28,196,250

Annual EOS token distribution 5,475,000

Annual EOS token distribution per DICE token 0.001441 EOS

Current DICE token price 0.001519 EOS

Expected annual income year 1 / current price (assume no growth) 94.85%

DICE in $US $0.0078229

DICE market cap $US $29,726,830.00

Annual profit distributed as % of market cap 94.85% Reconciled

Required annual rate of return 25%

Multiplier 4.000

Simple intrinsic value per token (EOS) 0.005763157895 EOS

Intrinsic value of DICE at current profit levels $112,785,000 $US

Expected growth in token price 279.40%

(Note: inflation of DICE token is ignored at the same time so too is the distribution of DICE tokens to stake holders.)

BetDice Telegram announcement today.

Today, we set a new record for our highest hourly payout, nearly 10,000 EOS, as we witnessed an amazing showdown between liketerryfox and shtse.x in the last hour of Day 17 of the Event Week Final, fighting over today's first place prize of 2500 EOS!

Congratulations to liketerryfox on the victory, winning the 2500 EOS prize for first place with 1,070,258 EOS wagered; barely 22,000 EOS ahead of shtse.x!

shtse.x secured second place with 1,048,708 EOS wagered, and received 1000 EOS. A valient effort!!

Congratulations also to crazycapital, who came from behind with 121,814 EOS wagered to secure the 500 EOS for third place in the last hour!

BetDice Event Week Final will continue for 4 more days! Let's see what other records we can break!

Hourly dividends - it is like music to a Knight's ears.


I've got about 70k dice tokens. Is a no brainer.

Appears that way doesn't it @holoz0r - they do say 'if it looks to good to be true it probably is.' In this case however the numbers seem to stack up, with BetDice getting busier by the day.

So thinking about it - this is the worlds first transparent and decentralised gaming casino, with few overheads, capable of thousands of gambling transactions a second with profits essentially going back to participants - this could be bigger then Ben-Hur.


Add to the fact that its fairly anonymous, has zero overheads, instant settlement... and the fact that it is fully decentralised. There's not much more to desire from it. :)

If you scale back the size of my investment back to my original EOS purchase price, even within the ~1week I've been staked into betdice - I'm already miles ahead.

(And still have plenty of EOS!) :)

Am not conversant with this EOS bla bla, however, Since, the information is from our legendary blogger- @Sirknight, I'll check it out. Thanks Sir.

Thank you gentleman, for the information that you bring us today ... you are a person with experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, so this EOS should be good. I will be reviewing the platform. 😉

Life comes easier with lots of stuff like this, certainly you have indeed done something nice by bringing this to our knowledge..thanks Knight

I would love to check it out when am free thanks @sirknight

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Wow, I'm very empty about this dice of a thing but what more can I say than thank you for this useful information. I'm quite certain that this is not a scam or so since you're the a talking about it.

So much knowledge to learn from this post, brilliant post @sirknight

They are Great Figures.

Thanks for the nice information, i'm glad i read it !!

Wow @sirknight thank you for introducing me to this! Looks pretty fun as well! Just remember everyone, gamble responsibly!