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With mainstream games, it is pretty hard to make some kind of a profit outside of established eSports leagues and competitions. As we recently launched a solution to that  —  Womplay  —  we started onboarding casual mobile games for you to play and earn with. In this piece, we cover the trailblazer of our rewards platform  — Forge of Empires.

What is Forge of Empires?

Forge of Empires is a city management/strategy game focused on historical evolution, expansion and development. Your goal is to take your settlement as far down the timeline as possible through scouting and conquering new lands, building and researching all kinds of technologies and know-hows of a given age.

How to play

Forge of Empires will take you through all the basics at the very beginning. Generally, we would recommend following two main lines: pursue as many advisors' quest as possible to get resources and We have also already mentioned the three main activities above - so let's focus on the earning routine here.

Looking a bit ahead, we will have say that your earning streak largely depends on your progress. Whatever you do to achieve every age, you will always find yourself in need of three main resources: coins, supplies (or tools) and diamonds.


Coins are a universal tool of advancement in Forge of Empires. You will need these for everything, from infiltrating the enemy lines to progressing along the ages timeline. The primarily sources of coins are taxes from residents and quests. They spend rather fast unless you optimize on the earning front. To keep your treasury full, follow this checklist:

  • In every age, always build residences that bring you the most coins. It helps to compare their minting rate by leveling them to the same period of time (i.e., how many each housing type produces per hour/15 minutes/etc.)
  • Invest in the army instead of infiltration. Very often, research requires goods that you simply cannot produce or trade yet, for whatever reason. Since taking 1 HP from enemies costs 400 coins, you're better off with a strong army than colossal expenses.
  • Help others. Once you unlock the social menu, you can browser users' profiles and help them out, earning 20 coins for every good Samaritan gesture of yours.
  • Always exploit bonuses. Got some friends to invite in your tavern or motivate your dwellers? Call them in and return the favor!


Supplies are very similar to coins in their functions in the game, although the don't spend that rapidly. You can apply most of the principles outlined for coins to supply as well. We can add the following:

  • Unlock the Oracle of Delphi (one of the Great Buildings) as fast as possible - it gives you 550 supplies per day plus a significant happiness boost.
  • Have at least four production sites: two general ones and two specific (like plantations). Keep one of each type for quick quest tasks and the other - for long production cycles to get more supplies.


Diamonds are the most high-valued currency in the game. There are very few ways of getting it for free. We recommend making good use of the 1000+ diamonds you will receive for 7 game logins in the beginning. Handle these carefully:

  • Try to spend these in as little amounts as possible.
  • Do not invest these in speeding up army training or construction. There is not rush with these things.
  • Store those for research.

Now that you're armed with knowledge of quick technological advancement, let's talk how this could earn you some money.

How to earn on Forge of Empires

Now, the game doesn't feature direct withdrawals per se, but you can rely on Womplay to reward you for all your efforts. Reaching various ages and even simply spending some time in the game will get you Wombucks to redeem later on.

For instance, installing and completing the tutorial alone will already get you 4500 Wombucks. The reward grows exponentially with every age - once you finish your first research in the Early Middle Age, you will receive 50000 Wombucks.

To cash these out, join the special event on Womplay. In exchange for your brilliant town management skills, you will receive EOS tokens.

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What can you do with EOS

Being one of the major tokens, EOS is pretty widely spread and far less volatile than many other cryptos. Some of the things you can with EOS on Wombat include:

  • Cash it out. You can easily withdraw your EOS on major exchanges and OTC desks. You can easily access both on Wombat from your Wallet:

  • Get more EOS and other tokens on DeFi. DeFi hubs provide many services for you to make some interest, from vaults to yield farming. If you are unfamiliar with how it all works, we've got that covered for you in one of our posts.
  • Stack it to use in other games. In many EOS-based games, you will see some consumables or boosts that can help you reach higher levels or get some resources much faster. And now you have your Womplay rewards to cover their costs.

Wrapping up

At first, Forge of Empires may baffle you with many things to keep track of. But once you get a hang of it - and follow our tips! - you will make it all the way to space colonization in no time, earning EOS along the way!

More info about Womplay is available here.

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