Glad you love it! We always expecting for your presence in the channel for whatever purpose. Appreciate the support!

Thanks buddy! I'm glad to see familiar faces dipping their toes in this. :)
(Did you use my reflink? ;))

Hey, thank you my friend.
Not sure whether I used your referral link though, I clicked the link available in one of these posts from @epicdice account ;)

Haha, no worries mate. :)
You should now, that you can change referrals on epicdice though.

So, if you ever want to use my referral link, or any other link you stumble upon, just visit epicdice through that link, and it will be a new referral. The referral system on epicdice is genuine in that way. You earn 10% of the house edge from referred users, and you can change the referral at any given point. :)

Ah ok, I will use your link then ;)