Blackjack is here | Given away over 100k Steem

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Blackjack is here

After Dice and Between, we are proud to introduce third game on the platform, the Blackjack, together with a little revamp of the overall game site. We will no go deep in the rules and details as the game are so well-known, such as dealer hit on soft 17, blackjack pays 3 to 2 as usual. One thing to note is probably players are allowed to surrender at any pair, this enables huge flexibility in betting strategy hence higher player edge is granted. Each hand will be using 4 decks of cards and reset every round. The result is verifiable after 10 min of the round.

  • @epicblackjack will be the main account for this game
  • 20% profit from @epicblackjack will be sent to @epicdice for dividend sharing
  • Betting will be rewarded with EPC
  • No bot betting is allowed, the game should be strictly conducted on the game site only.

We've given away over 100k Steem!

We would like to take this moment to appreciate what we've achieved by far, 100k Steem profit-sharing has been one of our greatest dreams and we are here finally. There no other DAPP sharing its profit as hard as we do, and we will continue to do so. They said you can hardly profit from a casino, well, at least the edge is way bigger here with EpicDice as there is various way to profit other than gambling.

  • Profit-sharing dividend (83k Steem)
  • EPC Prize pool (15k Steem)
  • Referral bonus
  • Ad-hoc promotional events

These are not possible without the community support and EPC ecosystem. If you have no idea what EPC is good for, be sure to check it out!

Next thing, supporting Hive

New game development will now be put aside to make way for Hive support. In the foreseeable future, EpicDice would be supporting both Steem and Hive chain on the same gaming domain. At one time player can choose what coin they feel like playing with and login respectively. The holding of EPC will likely enjoy the same benefits from both chains as what it is now enjoying on Steem.

The flourishing vitality in Hive circle since the fork has been inspiring and promising, we long for the bright future beyond the fork. Stay epic!

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Very nice! Looking forward to the Hive support.

Waiting for HIVE to play :)

Awesome guys thanks. I may need to try this.

Following and reHived to promote.

Congrats! I played a few hands and it's smooth and enjoyable especially the background voice! Nice job!

Please post when it is possible to earn EPC by delegating HIVE.

Looking forward to Hive support!

Just a suggestion: Branding the game as BlockJack instead may attract more people outside Hive and could be handy for marketing issues.

Wow, I didn't know Hive had so many games available!

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