Thank You for 5 Epic Years

in #epicdice5 months ago

For the past 5 years, we worked hard to bring you EpicDice. We loved every minute with our players. But times change. The market is not in our favor, we're not making enough money, and our team has new goals. We wanted to do one thing well: make a basic dice game really fun and fair. And we believe we did just that.

We truly hope you had a great time playing as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Sadly, we have to stop now. We can't thank you enough for being with us. Remember the good times, and take care.


Well that's a fucking shame. Appreciate everything you've done! Seems that this is going to cause everyone invested to lose a lot of money as well now that EPC is worthless. Kinda fucked.

To bad you are shutting down, it was a great app.

Sad to see ya go.

What happens if you invested in the bankroll?

Will the remaining hive get distributed to epc token holders?