What EPC is good for?

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EpicDice is an open-source gaming platform built on top of Steem blockchain with absolute transparency and fairness. Join the most epic fun today!


EPC is the native token of EpicDice powered by Steem-Engine. It is fully transferable and tradeable on the SE DEX. By far, the only way to mint new EPC token from the contract is by wagering STEEM. The house is giving away EPC from the team's holding on a constant basis via various events. But what good EPC is for?

Receive dividend automatically

Daily dividend is the first and main feature EPC introduced. Half of the traceable house profit is poured in the dividend pool in real-time. And the end of the day, any Steem account holding positive EPC balance receive dividend payout automatically, directly into the pocket.

Wagerable and win STEEM

This is essentially the most fun feature of EPC. Players get to wager EPC and win STEEM from a standalone, house-sponsored prize pool at 72 STEEM daily rate(over 2.5k STEEM has been won away as of now), generous EpicBomb would greatly thickening the pool randomly too. Winning or losing in betting EPC, certain amount of token would be burnt and gradually increase EPC value over time.

Maximum liquidity, no staking

EPC is designed with simplicity in mind. No staking in the system for maximum liquidity. Every piece of EPC serves the owner well no matter what strategy has been chosen. Leave it idling in the account, it brings in daily dividend. Wager it to win STEEM if you like more of a gambling flavour. Or even sell it away in free market for feeding the relatively high demand.

Ever-increasing EPC Rate

EPC Rate is internally being used in EPC betting and thanks for the brilliant burning system, EPC Rate will only go up as more tokens are burnt(over 32m EPC has been burnt as of now). Furthermore, it is going to be doubled during every halving of EPC mining rate. EPC is going to get more attractive going down the road.

We are recruiting

Recruitment for Korean and Japanese moderators is still open. The requirements will be the same as here and we will leave the recruitment open until the position is filled with capable soul. Recommend yourself if you are up to the interesting role, or refer us a potential candidate. We have a little surprise for each successful referral!

Earn EPC via delegation

EPC is the only token to earn from the daily dividend and prize pool in STEEM. Every 1 SP delegation earns 2 EPC daily. It takes one day for the delegation to be effective in order to receive the dividend from the moment of delegation.

Quick delegation via Steemconnect links below:

100 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP


Where does the prize pool come from?

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From @epictoken, which is the house fund.

EPC is easily one of the best investments I've done on STEEM-Engine. Token price is mostly stable and the dividend rate is phenomenal. The best part is knowing that this is just the early days.

This means a ton to the team who are working so hard behind the scene for a long-lasting gaming platform with strongest fundamental. Thanks for the support buddy!

im a big FAN of this game


Thanks for the love, see you in the game!

Just used the site and really enjoy the experience!

Thanks for the support!

Not correctly forming sentences apparently.

Like? Thanks for dropping by anyway!

What is the house edge % of the dice?

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House is taking 2% commission on winning payout.

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  • Another crypto dividend through power delegation that's sounds good for those who have spent much time on content writing and have good SP in account.

That's Amazing!


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