Dr. Seuss vs. For All Mankind

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It doesn't even make sense. Dr. Seuss's books being canceled for reflecting the terms of the day, but Apple TV+ For All Mankind, Season 2, Episode 1, for reflecting the terms of a fictional, alternate universe, not canceled.

Dr. Seuss mentions Eskimos. For All Mankind mentions Indians. Both are "insensitive." But one was produced by folks who know better. They know how to write a story that is properly balanced, or something.

The other was written when the terms weren't understood as being "problematic." The point being, as long as you are aware of how problematic your words are, you're good to go. If not, goodbye.

It doesn't matter if the words you use are received by the original audience a certain way. I wonder if the original audience will be a consideration in the future.


It is all about cancel culture in an effort to rewrite and bring in Socialism/communism. I say if it offends you, don't read it. But let Dr. Seuss be the way it always has been.

Tom Sawyer books are probably next.

Nobody reads those, so they're safe.

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