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Hello everyone

I took some time to create a few animated signatures for some of my favorite projects here on steemit.
In this post you will find 3 animated signatures that you can use freely to show your support for the projects mentioned.

These signatures were created with Photoshop CS6
Below some descriptions


Decentralized Sound Platform, Music and Sound Creators Community, Curation Initiative and Community Witness


Total: 77 Layers

Animated Signature


Promoting Original FineArt / Music / Standup / Improve Comedy on STEEM.


Total: 71 Layers

Animated Signature


Discovering high quality posts, blogs, and authors on the Steem blockchain.


Total: 104 Layers

Animated Signature


And that´s it, if you like it, you are absolutely free to use it.

Crediting isn’t required, but is appreciated ;)

More to come, and...if you would like to support some other project with an animated signature, please tell me which one in the comments below.

Thank you


Temos artista! 😉

😁 é só mesmo dar vida à coisa

You frikkin rock @aleister! Thanks man.

😀 thank you

good one, look very nice, especially for dsound

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Glad you like it :)