Get to know 5 Tips for success in playing steemit

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Hi steemian friend !!!

Well this time I will discuss a little about Tips to achieve success in playing steemit:

  • Controlling Emotions

Lots of steemit users who can not control emotions in steemit play, when the photos or articles posted are not upvote by the big whale, but here we are advised to be able to control the emotions because in playing steemit we are not always successful sometimes we are above and sometimes we are under , here we must be able to control the emotions so that things do not happen we do not want.

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  • Eliminate Disappointment

Here too many steemit users who are disappointed when you see the price of SBD that sometimes rise and sometimes down, especially SBD prices now dropped dramatically that once if diungkan with Indonesian currency prices reach hundreds of thousands of dollars now become tens of thousands of dollars, but here we do not there was once a sense of disappointment because the price of SBD can not be forever so.

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  • Stay patient

If you are just a beginner make sure to be patient in playing steemit, although your position is now below but one time you will be able to climb up through step by step, here is very big influence patience in playing steemit because patiently we can control ourselves.

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  • Commit

Well what is meant by the commitment in playing steemit, the meaning of comitmen in playing steemit is the will or care about it in playing steemit, of course we already know in play steemit our main task is post photo or article to reach the goal, his blog on upvote by a large whale one of the big whales who love to help small fish is @good-karma, here we can assess the extent of our commitment in playing steemit, if we are committed of course we are often active in playing steemit, with us post photos or articles every day it's also one of our commitments in playing steemit.

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  • Work hard

Hard work is the heart to achieve success in playing steemit, this is the core of the points above with the hard work will continue to run properly, although we had failed but we must be able to rise again whatever the way, which we must still try and work hard because the business never betrayed the result.


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Do not make steemit as your livelihood but make stemit as your diary.

May be useful.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article.


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