I'm Staking Most of My Many Tokens

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I'm continuing to stake tokens on STEEM-engine by using STEEMWorld to do it. I get a lot of tokens now from posting, airdrops, and from curating.

Here is what @steempeak shows me I have in my wallet there:


And this is just a small part of my screen of STEEM-engine before I staked one day:


And here you can see "after" showing at the zeros in "free" tokens, since now I staked them all.


These tokens are not worth much money, so I am staking most of them and not thinking about it too much.

If you would like to follow the price action, the best person I know for that is @bluerobo who is posting a few times a week about various tokens here:


At the end of December I will sell some tokens to get more STEEM to power up for SPUD9 on Jan 1. I have been a part of this monthly power up initiated by @streetstyle most months and this month my power up will be very short.

I have not been well, and my STEEM posting really suffered. So the more I can get from tokens, the better for my main steem account. I will be sure to post about this when I do it.

Onward to better days!


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My tweet for #posh #oc is here:

I am not staking each token. I do not see the need of it. By now I sold some twice. It provides me in Steemp to buy tokens I like to buy (only three so far).

I used Steemcoinpan to collect all tokens. I have no idea if it is possible somewhere else to lay hands on it. Steemworld hardly loads and there is no complete overview on a mobile phone.

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Yes, Steemworld is very heavy and hogs wifi. I will try Steemcoinpan - thank you for the tip, @wakeupkitty :)

Some coins/tokens I will hold onto and/or buy where I enjoy the project. Many I do not recognize, will leave them for now and slowly sell when I have learned more or keep them all depends.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season @bxlphabet

Many I do not recognize, will leave them for now and slowly sell when I have learned more or keep them all depends.

This is what I am doing too, @joanstewart. It is a long process for things of little value, but you never know :)

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Happy new year @bxlphabet, will wait and see what transpires with time.