Esteem desktop 2.2.7 release

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We have just published new minor release of Esteem desktop application.

Please download or update your existing version to get best of Esteem.

What's new

  • package name change
  • image upload fixes
  • RPC timeout improvements
  • auto download and auto update installer fixes for some Windows machines
  • Windows 32 bit support

New language additions will be enabled in next release after we finalize some review on new language improvements.

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A question...?
Is there an option to connect Peakd community account to repost all posts written in there to esteemapp account?

We are adding more improvements into community exploring. Stay tuned for new update!

Thank you 🙏
Great work as always!
I hope will see the Bulgarian translation with next update as well...?
Namaste 🙏

It's time to update.

New goodies on the eSteem Surfer. Hopefully the RPC was improved as I was switching between the nodes like crazy. Let me see it now put at good work!

Yes, we have improved it slightly, it was auto changing too often as well for slower network connections.

It's great to get such a fast updates! For 2.2.6 and 2.2.7 in my case auto download and auto update installer on Windows 10 didn't worked. After downloading new version pop-up turns green (complete) nothing happens. This pop-up stays forever and I have to manually update using Github.

Hmm looks like issue still persist, we will continue to check. Difficult to test if you don't have Windows and not all Windows machines has this issue also.

I have updated Tu 227 version but its not installing and I can't find any profile for install as well. Should I uninstall all those then start download 227 version for install again please reply

I hope this one will install above the 2.2.5. Yes, Windows machine :)

Let us know if it works as expected. We are curious to find out...

Somehow it gets stuck at the end of the download. Nothing happens.

My guess would be that some library is locked and prevents the install. I'll try the upgrade by downloading the install file and running it with the app closed.

The OS:

Is there an install log or something? Debug mode?

Im facing the same issue

Read comment above, please. It should be fixed now, future updates from 2.2.7 should work ok

We have fixed auto updater issue, so updates from 2.2.7 should work without issue. Hopefully this will be the last time for manual update.

Great to hear that. Waiting to test it with 2.2.8 :)

Manual download and install worked:

Thank you for the improvements!

Works much better, thanks @esteemapp!

thanks a lot for the update this is very helpful for me.🍻 🙏

Recently I tried to boost one of my Steem Monsters/Splinterlands card giveaway (Goblin Chef) with eSteem Points (ESTM), but refunded the eSteem Points (ESTM), and did not boosted the post. Why?

It is likely due to a lot of boosted posts and we have requested our curators team to curate less but focus on unique users as well. So just to re-iterate or remind our users that boosting doesn't guarantee there will be vote. It just gets post in front of curators as priority to review and of course vote with certain percent. If got refund, try another post as usual 😉

Thank you for the answer/reply. Of course every user need support, so it is good to focus on unique users. I will try boosting again later on another post.

I’m having trouble downloading it on my Mac :( need help

Hi, please download .dmg file for Mac from here:

good updates here

thanks for information and thanks for updating

This is the best news

Hey there @esteemapp team!
Great work on the app as always!
Majority of my friends are having issues by using the button “Join now” by android phones, there no access to redirect them to registration form.
Thanks in advance!

Could it be because your country blocked our page?
We have implemented in app registration form which will come out with new release soon.

Thank you guys!
Great work looking forward to the new release..
To see the Bulgarian translation in the settings as well.
I’ve been spreading awareness and educating people how to start with the app ;)
Will get many more once we have translated app ;)
Namaste ;)

Yes.„ now update

Hey @esteemapp team!
Just a question how can I solve this?

Private key to send ESTM?
Thank you..


Hello there,
Logout and login back with your active private key or master password.

Thank you..

Hola @esteemapp. Es realmente interesante ver esta app en nuestro PC, no sabía que se pudiera por lo tanto la probaré de inmediato. Saludos desde Colombia.

Hello @esteemapp. It is really interesting to see this app on our PC, I did not know it could be, therefore I will try it immediately. Greetings from Colombia.

I'm no developer, but my guess would be this was to fix already existing bugs and probably slimmed the code a bit to figure for faster load speeds? Not sure though, I could just be talking out my Arse. lol