Esteem Discord Monthly Giveaway Winners #21

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Every month, 5 Esteem users who actively help others in our discord chat will win the following prizes on the basis of their ranking:
1st place - 500 ESTM
2nd place - 400 ESTM
3rd place - 300 ESTM
4th, 5th places - 100 ESTM each

Basic rules

For the giveaway, you need to be active on our discord and reach at least level 3 with the Esteem bot. You must not spam or abuse to gain levels or you will be banned forever.

You can check your ranks using this link. Any changes or updates in the rules will be notified on our Discord and here in the Esteem news.


We would like to appreciate the efforts of @ardpien, @irisworld, @behiver, @foxkoit, @trincowski for being active and helpful on the eSteem Discord, and congratulate them for winning the 21st Discord Giveaway.

Rewards will be sent out soon!

1st & 2nd Place Winners from previous month aren't eligible for 1st & 2nd Place in current month's prizes.

Good luck and Esteem on! 🎉🎉🎉
The 22nd Esteem Discord Giveaway is now live!!

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Great to see my name on the Giveaway and I like quite much engaging on Discord and find out what others are doing in the HIVE space. A source of news, common hobbies and other topics that rise up your day.

yahoo! thanks a lot!

Thank you 😀😇😇

Awesome. Thank you very much.

😃 I am mentioned here. That's great! All thanks to ESTEEM for creating an awesome Discord server for us to talk in there and participate in activities. Thank You ESTEEM team :) and @good-karma.

nice initiative.

Prizes have consistently been very effective from @esteemapp nicely done!

@ardpien congrats on being one of the winners