eSteem Monthly Digest: July 2018

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Hey guys! Another month passed away and here is what's happened to eSteem project during a month period in case you've missed it.

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eSteem Surfer Development progress: this month we've released 4 updates. Made many improvements and added new functions including similar posts, system notifications, edit post after payout and post edit history view. Just check the latest 1.0.10 release info.

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Listed on Electronjs: really important achievement for eSteem that our client has been added to Electron App list! We are building this application using Electron framework which is quite popular and used by many big projects (Slack, Discord, Exodus, Jaxx, etc.).

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YouTube Channel. Mainly we've created that for uploading our short video tutorials educating new users how to use eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer. Just needed a place where we can put and collect our videos. In future we will reach out to outer audience who is not on Steem yet.

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Tips on using eSteem. Warming up an interest and educate our users by posting video tutorials of unique eSteem features. This month tips are: How to Log into Surfer, Using Image Gallery, Delegating Steem Power.

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eSteem Spotlight. We are highlighting top users of eSteem and giving away some extra rewards for them monthly. Comments and posts stats are considered. User can only take part in one of 3 sections, either comments+posts, just posts and top earners sections and 3 leaders from each section receive rewards. Continue reading.

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eSteem University Grand Opening. The main goal is to kickstart educational communities. Everyone has some knowledge to share with others and we all want to learn and teach, grow together with our the audiences.

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Привет! Russian Speaking eSteem. Opening new community account @esteemapp.rus to support all our users from post Soviet space. Going to interact with those who are not saavy with English there with the help of our active eSteem member, product lead Fil @dunsky

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Thank you for using eSteem, reading and supporting our dynamically growing community!

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Hello sir @good-karma .. I don't know why my esteem desktop app not working ... How do i fix it?

What is not working? There might be issues with Steem nodes. You can try switching the nodes in app settings. Today all is fine, right?

Alright .. I will check it out. Thanks for the response ..

I've been using esteem for a while now and I think this is a great addition to steemit. Esteem offers a variety of new features that are not available on steemit or busy.
So first of all, I want to thank you for improving the user experience.
There is just a slight difficulty as you know that ginabot has become central to most users. And there is no way to open a link in ginabot directly through esteem. Otherwise my every comment and post would've been through esteem.

Incredibly, the development of esteem applications continues to increase, hoping the esteem continues to grow and become a very good plafon. Esteem has provided the best facilities for everyone, amazing !!

This posting is good, thanks to this information

Good post best friends @esteemapp thanks you information

Good explanation

Thank you for the project eSteem so that we can add to our knowledge about the Blockchain steem, esteemapp in eSteem-university.

breakthroughs have been launched for the development of eSteem and general eSteem users

very good post @esteemapp Ilove eSteem..

Thanks @esteemapp for information

Thanks you information @esteemapp

Amazing loads of work with lots of good results!
Congratulations for your good effort.

Much appreciated to these useful tools we are using.

Awesome features and nicely aware the whole scenario. love @esteemapp.

What a wonderful achievement, we hope the esteem will grow to become an esteemian-liked ceiling.

Thanks for the consist update. I must say I'm new to the platform however and enjoying soo much. Good days ahead

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Pembaruan yang sangat menarik,patut kita tunggu

Congratulations ...!
Incredible developments eSteem apps, Upgrades and updates continue to increase from before, have provided the best facilities for everyone.

Thank you for your great information..😀😀👍

Good jobs buddy @good-karma.Thank you for your great information..

buena informacion.consecuente con usted y good karma,espero contar con su apoyo como sera posible,saludos desde venezuela amigo feliz dia

eSteem projects at the moment are one of the few that provide significant support for STEEM users. I wish you inspiration and prosperity in your future work!
eSteem проекты на данный момент - одни из немногих, которые дают существенную поддержку для пользователей STEEM. Я желаю вам вдохновения и процветания в дальнейшей работе!

I think this is a good update. I always use esteem.

Buenos días excelente post. Lo invito pasar por mi blog

Good that you started a YouTube channel and the university is a very cool idea

Keep up your great work!!

I love this enforcement @esteemapp

The little time spent with @esteemapp has been wonderful. Giving you a kudos. Welldone. I have a lot to contribute fully to this. Thanks to @good-karma

Thank you for your work! I enjoy and extend this opportunity :)

Truly extraordinary!
Within a month it has been able to create some perfect and useful reforms. Moreover, updates about the eSteem university who very much want to join, including myself.

Thank you @esteemapp, @good-karma and his team.

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Hi, Thanks for the contribution.

Really nice to see the esteem project here. He has been using the application since December, nice updates.

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Greetings, congratulations for the steem university.

I wanted to know if I'm going to publish from my phone, what application do you recommend? steemapp, eSteem, eSteem Surfer, GitHub or are all the same?

GitHub is a site to host open source projects. This is not an app. eSteem Mobile is for mobile phones (iOS/Android) and eSteem Surfer is for computers (Mac/PC). So if you want to post from your phone you can use eSteem Mobile. Check our official website for links, please.

Hey @esteemapp
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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