eSteem development updates - BeyondBitcoin #199 hangout

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eSteem development updates from last week's beyondbitcoin hangout, hosted by @officialfuzzy.

In this episode #199, we've talked about latest updates on eSteem project and where project is headed. Only eSteem part is extracted from the show, thanks to @fonsolo!

Length [17:57]

Thank you everyone to joining live hangout and asking questions, it means a lot to see people like you enjoy using app everyday and offer help/suggestions to improve it for better!

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions on things we've talked about. Working on website as well as eSteem desktop app updates. Stay tuned!

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Thank you for posting @good-karma.

eSteem is getting more user friendly and that is a plus. The day/light option feature is a welcome one.

Appreciate all you are doing for eSteem.....thank you.

Appreciate the support @bleujay, glad to see you liked the new features ;)


I tried using the app on Ipad 2 and the 2nd column of images do not display in gallery mode. I can see all the articles in list view, however.

Thanks @steemfactory, Grid view for tablets will change with next release, it was reported earlier that it sometimes caused confusion for post orders. Next update will fix this with better view for tablets and iPads 😉

@good-karma nice post, thank you for sharing

Great job 👍

Thanks @harferri! Let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions, etc...

Nice, you make steemians enjoy to post their own writing. ;)

Sometime we all need somewhere we can hang out for real @good-karma