eSteem - iOS v1.4.0 released, Day/Night mode, Escrow, New languages, Slider, Profile update and many other improvements

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Announcing next major release of eSteem mobile, version 1.4.0. Day/Night Reading mode, Escrow transfer, approve, dispute, release, search, New languages and other languages updates, contribution list, Voting slider, Profile update, esteem-lib and many other improvements, checkout Android release notes

If you want to translate eSteem app to your native language, or review app and let us know what words/phrases on translations can be improved, please join direct link for translation team: We have also rewarded Russian and German, Polish and Greek, Spanish and Chinese (traditional), Hungarian and Bulgarian, Chinese simplified and Swedish contributors with help of community, other language contributors will also receive rewards with next translation update post.

What's new

This version has long list of changes, all changes can be monitored on our Github, here are few major ones:

  • esteem-lib implemented and used from this version onward.
  • Account/Chain select transition improved.
  • Day/Night mode for posts page so it can ease the reading process during night and can save device battery as well.
  • New language additions: Persian ( @meysam ), Croatian ( @fibra59 ), Ukrainian ( @erikaflynn ), Malay ( @kevinwong )
  • All other languages updated with new phrases and modifications,
  • Addition of all new contributors, translators on About page of app.
  • Post parent viewing when comments/replies are opened from profile page.
  • Snippet of comments/replies on profile page,
  • Update/Refresh post after new vote/comment,
  • New slider, better usability (access it by tap and hold upvote button 0.5 second)
  • Increased size of vote button to give better responsiveness
  • Full post title on feeds without clipping
  • Escrow Transfer, implemented by following proposed structure by @dan on this post
  • Escrow Search by id
  • Escrow Approve / Dispute
  • Escrow Release to receiver/sender
  • Set your Escrow terms and fee on profile page and edit extra fields (json_metadata)
  • Tags specific feed bug fix
  • Markdown issue fix with image linking/sources
  • Payout values fix for posts that are on second payout cycle
  • Open external links to system browser instead of inappbrowser.
  • Other user profile page following count and (un)follow button improvements
  • Mention notifications fix to only notify user @xyz not @xy or @x usernames

Thank You to all contributors and translators! eSteem supports multi-currency, multi-language, multi-account, multi-chain, multi-notifications!


AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.0 Google Play - Android - v1.4.0
Get eSteem on AppStore Get eSteem on Google Play

Make sure to leave review and feedback on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well. If you have suggestions, found bug, please report them here or on Github.

Android users

If you don't use app stores for security reasons you can download APK directly at Github:

What's next

  • Notifications on transfers and escrow transfers
  • Tags/Category management and subscription
  • Exchange improvements and add charts, allow exchange of tokens
  • Desktop app fell behind of development but before next eSteem mobile update, will spend more time on desktop app and bring latest development and improvements to your desktop experience.

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Thank you for posting this good news @good-karma.

Looking forward to utilising the new features and hopefully using eSteem to post once again. Really lovely feature of light adjustment.

Appreciate your hard work. It is a worthy project.

All the best. Cheers.

thx! +witness too

So this is pretty close to a marketplace... Users only need to create a listing and advertise their stuff. We need messaging though, any plan to integrate that?

Indeed, step to that direction 😊

  1. Keeping temporary or private messages on chain mostly were discouraged and 2. encryption of messages might get broken in future to reveal content of message. Other than this two factor I don't see any technical limits or challenges. What do you think, should this factors be discarded and implement private messaging?

Maybe you can do messaging off chain no? Why was it discouraged on chain? Regarding encryption security i dont think this is an issue, lots of high profile services are relying on encryption.
I think a marketplace is soooo badly needed to show people that they can buy real stuff with their steem, it's a perception thing, steem will instantly appear more valuable. Closing the loop is the last missing piece of this economy.
You will also be able to attract a lot of merchant from ebay/amazon because of the free transac and stable SBD.
If you can integrate a market seamlessly within the app it would really be awesome, i know the busy team is also doing it and this is really the thing that will put steem to the next level.
Dan said that payout could be disabled for listings products and that a specific tag could be used for marketplace. Then you just have to seperate users's post with user's product and you have a market !!!

Yes, off chain messaging is not problem at all to implement. But It would be great to have standardized messaging so user could access their messages across different apps on Steem. Blockchain bloat, do users messages bring enough value to keep them on blockchain forever? Encryption is indeed not an issue...
Marketplace for goods and services, that's the goal...with desktop and mobile app, it has huge potential. You can already see example of market place in app, where we started of with apps (external and plugin), moving forward services and goods. Earn, spend, interact, transact, contract - circular business model...

By default messages can be kept 24 hours or so and if you want it to stay longer you would pay some fee. And that fee can be calculated depending on size (byte) of that message.

I don't really like the idea of charging a fee for messages. Users do that for free on other sites.
Why not just prune the data say older than a week or 2? this means messages will never take much space, even if the number of messages grows a lot we can always reduce period when its stored to a few days.

edit: My bad I didn't read your post properly, yes 24 or maybe 48 hours free and then a fee. I still think though that it will sound a bit weird to ask people money to keep their messages..maybe it should be an option not visible on the interface.

It is just a suggestion to discuss the possibilities :), when you have mln or more users and keeping that data will cost and sometimes some information can be kept for longer period if user is willing to pay for it, there are other solutions as well. It only address the issue when let's say you message me and I don't read it right away before pruning but it is any case having pruning on blockchain level would be great.

Maybe the message data can be pruned like every 2 weeks or something.
Messages are only relevant for a short period of time. Would this be possible?

Yes, pruning is the way to handle this type of temp data. I have suggested this few times to different channels and chats, but it is something that should be implemented and supported by Steem blockchain and there are some technical challenges I believe. By default messages can be kept 24 hours or so and if you want it to stay longer you would pay some fee. And that fee can be calculated depending on size (byte) of that message.

nice application, good job steemit...

thank you for the support

Keep up the great work!

I still have some problems with this app. I listened to something a user had posted from SoundCloud and the SoundCloud took over the entire screen.

There is occasionaly also a timeout when i press upvote on something. Better than first time i tried it anyhow.

Has Steemit inc contacted you guys at any point? I remember reading the plans for steemit and it included building a mobile app but why waste resources when we already have you guys working on eSteem?