The Sanctuary: Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

"Dylan, are you okay?!" Dianne asked worriedly the moment Dylan answered the call.

Startled by her question, Dylan realized that Dianne was most like attacked as well.

"Yes, I'm okay. But did someone attacked you too?" He asked.

"Yes, I was suddenly attacked by two androids while I was with my friend earlier," Dianne responded. "I was able to defeat them but my friend, Erika is hurt when the androids self destructed," she added.

Dylan clenched his left hand when he heard what happened but using all of his willpower he forceably calm himself down.

"I'm glad you're safe. How is your friend's condition?" relieved that Dianne's unhurt, Dylan asked about her friend's condition.

Dianne explained that her friend's not seriously injured and is currently being sent to the hospital for check-up.

"I see, that's good to hear. I'm going back to the academy to report. Will you be going there too?" Dylan asked.

"Yes, let's meet up there," she answered.

After that, Dylan cut the call and run towards the academy. He dare not take a public transportation as he could be attacked by doing so. He doesn't want innocent people to get hurt because of him.

He saw several police cars rushing to the scene of the explosion but Dylan decided to ignore them and inform the academy first. He'll let the academy deal with the police.


Several minutes later he arrived at the academy. At the entrance he saw Dianne waiting for him--she's accompanied by a handsome looking middle-aged man. The middle-aged man looked dignified and Dylan concurred that he is Dianne's relative--maybe, even her father.

Dylan walked towards them and greeted the two.

"You must be Dylan. I heard about you. I'm Flander, Dianne's uncle," Flander started.

"So it's her uncle," Dylan thought somewhat relieved.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Flander, I'm Dylan. Dianne's schoolmate and friend," Dylan introduced himself.

Dianne's uncle, Flander, looked rather pleased while looking at Dylan, much to Dylan's confusion and Dianne's embarrassment.

"I think we should go and see the principal now," said Dianne, in an attempt to dispell the strange atmosphere.

"Indeed. we shouldn't make the good principa wait," Flander agreed. He then added, "we can always have a talk later."

"U,uncle!" Dianne yelled at her uncle while blushing after realizing what her uncle is trying to imply.

"Um, sure, I guess?" Dylan replies while tilting his head in confusion.

Still blushing, Dianne walked towards the principal's office followed by Dylan and Flander.

to be continued


Chapter 36 / [Chapter 38]


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