The Sanctuary: Chapter 38

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Chapter 37

"I'm glad to see the both of you safe."

The principal looked obviously relieved after seeing Dylan and Dianne unharmed. The principal is not the only one inside the room, the Coach and Dianne's intructor were also present. And though the two did not speak, the two teachers also have worried looks on their faces.

"Tell us everything that happened and don't leave anything out," the principal urges.

Dylan and Dianne then explained the situation, what they are doing at the time of the incident and such. Everyone has a gloomy looked once the two inished their stories. Dianne's uncle, Flander looked especially serious once he heard that his niece is that close to death.

"Those bastards sure have the nerve to attack my niece. They will pay for this dearly," he said coldly.

Everyone looked at him but did not say anything. After all, not one of them is not raging inside.

"We must find out who orchestrated the attacks. Just like what Mr. Flander said--they will pay dearly. Our academy might not be the most powerful in the federation but we are no pushovers either. Our ranks might have fallen these past years but your senior brothers and sisters who had graduated are scattered all around the federation and would not let this go," the principal assures Dylan and Dianne.

Dylan and Dianne smile at this. It may seem like the principal is merely boasting considering their schools current rank. But this is the real beauty of studying at a school with a long history. Every school in the federation have a habit of protecting their own and would not stay quiet if their students are disadvantaged. The attack on Dylan and Dianne will surely reach their seniors and these protective seniors will not let the event go without retaliation. Tannhauser's long history meant that they have people all over the federation and some of these are in the government or the military. Hence, it is considered suicidal to harm a student of an academy outside of the Sanctuary.

"You two, do you have any idea who could have orchestrated the attacks? Since these people used androids, it means that they cannot face us head on," the coach suddenly asked, breaking the solemn silence.

"About that. The most suspect are the schools we defeated at the city competition but since the competition is over, there's absolutely no merit in doing so. after all, our schools needed to work together at the regional competition," dylan answered.

Everyone agreed to this. Their schools are only rivals in the city competition and harming the top students of a school in the same city will not benefit the city at all. And once found, the school will lose its license to operate. And no one wanted this to happen. In other words, there's no advantage, only disadvantages.

"The next suspects would be the schools we are going to face at the regional competition--they have after all the most to gain from this. But I don't think any school would do something so low--not to mention the consequences once their actions are discovered," Dylan continued. "Lastly, on my part, it would be that guy from a certain noble family that I beat up inside the sanctuary. I have humiliated a member of their family in front of a large audience after all. so wanting revenge is not strange at all. Of course, whether they have the guts to act against me outside the Sanctuary is beyond me."

Dylan's deduction is thorough and from what he said, none of the mentioned suspects seem to be likely to act against them. Of course, it doesn't mean they cannot. Rather, if they have the guts to actually act.

"It seemed we are in a dead end in Dylan's case. How about you Dianne, any ideas?" Murmured the principal. He then throws the question at Dianne's direction.

Dianne wasn't able to answer the question and had a complicated look on her face. Explaining in her place is Flander.

"Our family's circumstances is a bit complicated," he started. "There's a possibility that the trouble might have started on our side," Flander explained with a sigh.

"I cannot go into the details. Let's just say...we have a lot of enemies," he followed.

The principal frown after hearing Flanders explanation. He is aware that Dianne has a complicated background but he didn't know that it's this complicated.

"Are you saying that it's one of your enemies that did it? If so, why is Dylan attacked as well?" The Principal questioned.

"It's not certain yet that our enemies are responsible for the attacks. At most, they are just suspects. After all, they are not above the federation's law. And as for Dylan, he might be a victim of jealousy. Dianne has plenty of pursuers after all," Flander explained with a shrug.

"W,what are you saying, uncle?!" Dianne yelled at her uncle while furiously blushing.

"Opsies! I misspoke. Please ignore what I just said," said Flander not looking apologetic at all.

"Anyway, I will give the list of possible suspects on our side. We too will conduct our own investigations. Like what I said earlier, whoever did this will pay," Flander replied solemnly.

The principal nodded at this. He then advises the two to reduce the time they needed to go out in public. He also promised that the school will send out people to protect them and their families.

Though thankful, Flander rejected the principal's offer as he will take care of Dianne's protection. As for Dylan, he only asked that his family be protected, as his master will ensure his safety.

Hearing Dylan mentioned his master, everyone suddenly remembers about a certain rumor--the rumor about the Sword Saint!

to be continued


Chapter 37 / [Chapter 39]


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