The Sanctuary: Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

After Dylan's unexpected confession the atmosphere in the room turned somewhat awkward. To change the stiffling atmosphere, Dylan used all of his social skills. And after a bit of effort finally succeed.

Right now the two are conversing amicably. Dylan throws in jokes from time to time, succeeding in getting some laughs from Dianne.

Unfortunately, the sweet atmosphere did not last long. With frown, Dylan opened a virtual windows and stare at it for a while.

"What's wrong? " Dianne asked.

"I've got several challenge request at the same time."

Dyaln showed Dianne the challenge request, prompting a shock expression from her.

"This many?" Dianne asked in shockl after seeing the number of challengers.

Diannes's reaction is not suprising considering that Dylan received several dozens of challenge request.

"The challenge requests are most likely just harrassment. It seemed that some people were not pleased that I'm with you."

Dylan simply shrugged the harrassment from someone that is likely related to Dianne in sopme way. Most like one of his suitors.

Seeing Dylan's nonchalant attitude, Dianne is impressed. But she could not help but frown at this considering that she's the cause of Dylan's trouble.

As if reading her mind, Dylan tell Dianne not to worry as healready expected this to happen. He invited Dianne to go with him to the coliseum as he decided to accept the challenges.

"Are you sure about this?"

Dianne look worriedly at Dylan. Though he knew that Dylan is very strong, she could not help but worry for him.

"Relax. The coliseum have rules. No matter how many challengers there are, they cannot all fight me at the same time. Also, with my current level, very few on my age and rank range can harm me."

"You're right. Your Shadow Doppelganger is a such a cheat. Your opponents probably can't even touch you," Dianne agreed and accompany Dylan at the coliseum.

The two arrives at the coliseum and saw that the place if filled with people. The moment they entered everyone's attentions fall to them.

Dylan and Dianne did not find this strange. Even though they are wearing mask, they are still someone who made their names in the coliseum.

"Look, that's Dylan," someone whispered.

"I'm surprise he actually appeared. I thought he would run away." Whispered another.

"Why wouyld he not appear? He's no coward, you know?"

Dylan ignore the whispers and went to the receptionist to register. After doing so, he went to the waiting area with Dianne.

Seeing that Dianne went inside with him, the people outside started chatting.

"That girl. Isn't she?"

"Yeah, that's her."

"Why is she with that guy?"

"Why are you asking me?"

Everyone are trying to rack their heads as they try to figure why Dianne is with Dylan. Dianne is also someone with lots of fame in the coliseum as she often went there to fight. Her record is flawless without losing a single battle. not to mention she's a girl with gorgeous figure despite not showing her face. Obviously she has lots of admirers from the audience because of that. To see her with anopther famous fighter is truly shocking for them.

This news reached the ears of a certain someone and this person is by no way please.

"So he decided to accept the challenge? And Dianne decided to accompany him? Bastard!" Asked the said person while trying to reign in his anger.

The said person is actually one of Dianne's suitors and is from a prominent aristocratic family.

"Please, calm down, young master Quinn. No need to be angry at someone as insignificant as him," said a middle-aged man in a butler uniform--trying to appease his angry young master.

"You're right Benny. No need to be waste my anger with him, he is not worthy. By the way how is the preparation?" Quinn asked after calmng down.

"Everything is done as the young master ordered. That Dylan will surely experience the greatest humiliation in his life," Benny answered with a smile.

"Excellent! Hmph! I don't onkw what Dianne sees in that guy. But I will make sure that he won't be able to show himself in front of her ever again!"

Quinn walks out of the room and went to a VIP viewing room where he could watch the entire event. Benny follows the young master Quinn like a shadow.

Back at the waiting room, Dianne are conversing when a virtual window appear--telling Dylan to go to the arena. WIth a fearless smile, Dylan stood up and was teleported to the stage where his first oppopnent is waiting.

to be continued


Chapter 40 / [Chapter 42]


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