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Dear steemians

in order respons request steemians to meet with officials of the community, NSC heald a Meetup first performed on the Beach bangka Jaya dewantara Aceh North.


The steemians are listening to the exposure of the NSC senior @binjeclick about the steps to be done to the fore, especially when the SBD and Steem are down the price.


Participants who attended consisted of various groups, such as lecturers, students, social activists, students, students, government and others. they are interested in joining the NSC because the community is very open to beginners, in addition, NSC has experts who are able to work to be able to give high spirit to new steemians.


in the direction chairman of the NSC @safwaninisam also deliver the background of the formation of the community that tortuous and challenges, Moreover, in the presence of the NSC many fire beard, especially those who think not important are under the container community for surfing media steemit.

![image]() > In addition, many of the journalist's friends were also present to cover the event all looking for information on steemit development in Aceh.

Regard @zsteem


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