If you want to go far, go Together. 🌍

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Unity causes the saving of power in humans, on the contrary, dissonance brings disaster to people, society and national life. People family organisms, Everyone in the family is dependent on each other. These dependents have developed human society, human unity. People have to live life in adverse circumstances all the time. He has to face the enemy. In order to deal with the enemy in a hostile environment, people need cohesive forces.

Integrity has guaranteed safety in life. The united nation can not subdue any force. The welfare of unity reflects in the individual and national life. What one can do, ten can do more than that. In this way, the nation can larger with unity. In today's world, those who are known as developed and well-known nations have been motivated to forget all the differences among themselves. The nation's development is impossible, which is not united.

To live united for the sake of personal life, for the sake of national life and for the welfare of mankind, it is quite essential.

Blessed Day To All!



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There's a old saying of Africa you may know. " If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group."
Totally agree with you and good write up. 👍

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An inspirational quote by African Proverb about the value of Team Work: