EtherChest Weekly Update #2

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Authored by @qwoyn

Updates - Wednesday October 6th, 2020

First off, I am completely blown away by all of the positive response EtherChest has been receiving this week from the Hive Community, you rock!

This week was filled with little to no sleep a few hurdles but overall lots of success.

Lets take a look!

A look at last week - 👀

What will next week bring?

  • Buttoning up the frontend of our dApp
  • Launching pre-sale in order for Hive users to earn the EtherChest Genesis Staker badge and get a chance to earn up to 24% APR in the first few weeks!
  • Zinken Testnet launch

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week!

Our mission is to use Blockchain Tech to its fullest capabilities and we look forward to being part of the Hive family! Thanks for reading and please give us a visit in our Discord for further explanation.





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