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Are you wondering what are the newest Slot Tournaments at Would you like to find out how the dividends pool is doing? How much can you earn daily with CrypCade? TronList has all the answers to these questions and much more in this weeks recap.

Dividends and Mining

Since everyone is eagerly waiting on the Ethereum and Matic integration into CrypCade the mining has been rather slow in the past couple of days. Dividends stayed in the range of 1864-7680 TRX per day. A total amount of around 1 Mln CADE was mined in the past 7 days.

If you want to have an advantage in mining CADE before the ETH and MATIC integration – now is your chance as the mining price is still pretty cheap. Combine that with a 5x Mining Bonus from a lucky Box and you will have the best conditions to mine as much as you want.

Tournaments at

Well one thing is sure at – they ALWAYS have some tournament ongoing! Only yesterday the “Money Hunt” Booongo Tournament ended and participants shared the massive 30 000 Euro Prize Pool.

But don’t worry if you missed it – another one is starting tomorrow the 24th of September. It’s called “Thunder of Olympus” featuring Booongo Slots and a gigantic prize pool of 50 000 Euro! Don’t miss it out.

How much can you earn with

To answer this question you need to ask yourself if want to gamble or invest into CrypCade? If you want to invest – your best option would be to buy their CADEboxes:

Each box contains the equivalent in CADE of the box price, minus a house fee of 5%. Boxes may contain surprize mining bonuses ranging between 1.1x-5x which apply for 24h after receiving the bonus prize or until the maximum limit of 1000000 CADE has been reached, but no more than 24h

After you buy a box you can freeze your CADE tokens and earn daily dividends from the dividends pool. If you want to gamble CrypCade currently provides tons of slot games, table games and 2 in-house games which you can chose from. Every bet you make in those games will mine you CADE tokens – those can then be staked for daily dividends.

Soon the Arcade section will also be released which will add hundreds of different arcade games to the gaming section of The majority of the generated revenue from those will flow into the dividends pool. So as you can see CrypCade has a bright future ahead of it and the earning potential of holding CADE tokens is unlimited. The bigger the Pool is – the bigger the daily dividends are.


A lot is happening behind the curtain at CrypCade right now. The developers are working non stop on the integration of ETH and Matic into CrypCade and we will soon see the results! Make sure to check out the new Booongo tournament and share the prize pool of 50 000 Euro, plus who knows, you just might hit that 1000x multiplier if you are lucky!

Thanks for checking out our article and we will continue to keep you updated on what’s happening over at One last thing – remember to always do your own research before investing.

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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