League Of Kingdoms Just Launched!

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

If there was a personal crypto hype for me the last few months, then it was League of Kingdoms. The idea to have a game like "Rise of Kingdoms," but with a blockchain under the hood, is merely genius. And people like me will love it. And there are a lot of people that love the concept.

So after a few delays, today we could take a sneak peek into the game! The Beta launched a few minutes ago, and I was super excited to take a look at the game. So I joined and instantly loved it! Everything looks lovely. Cute and accessible design, the tutorial was short but informative, and I could manage to level up my castle till Level 4 while finding out how to transfer to the land I bought a few weeks ago while the presale started.

And then it happened: Sloth came online, and then he wrote "oh, I already broke it," and from there it's clear, the game must be broke. And it was, a few bugs we encountered, so the Server is already undergoing maintenance.

So I'm again super excited to see more, as soon the Server is back in a few hours! The first impression was fantastic; the people that are sticking around already since the beginning are also super great. I think we all will love this game. So keep the fingers crossed, we hope they manage to come back with the Server soon, and I'm super excited to play League of Kingdoms. In the meantime, here a few screenshots from the game:

Join League of Kingdoms here, and join the DappStats Community if you want to talk about it. Want to join our Alliance? Ask in the DappStats Telegram Group how to join.

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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