What is this Hex2X now?!

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Ladies and gentlemen, Sid came up in our community with HEX2X. Patric, maybe you want to write about HEX2X, he said. I said what this HEX2X is, and I still have to write a promised HEX article. It's something else, not related, he told me. And why should I look into something that feels like a HEX copy? But as he then said they have a HEX2T Pyra collaboration, I was like oh, then I go ahead and look into it.

I mean, one of the most excellent ROI experiences I had until now was with Richard Hearts HEX. And I'm not finished there, but astonished on how the contract works and how great the system seems to work. I was super skeptical as I joined HEX back in time, and found out, HEX is a great system.

Now, HEX2X seems to address some "issues" that HEX supposedly has. On their website, they answer the question if HEX2X affiliated with HEX with this:

The two projects are not officially affiliated. We believe that the innovation of certificates of deposits in crypto is a great first step, and applaud HEX for this. However, we saw that there was inequality in the HEX system both in staking rewards and in where the ETH from the auctions went. We aim to fix this by putting the community first.

We will Airdrop HEX2X tokens 1:1 for all HEX holders.

The first great news out of this is that all HEX holders will get a 1:1 airdrop because they have forked HEX. A win for HEX holders! Double win if this project achieves what they're planning to make.

The company behind HEX2X is called Somish, and they have a significant portfolio of DApps, Wallets, Tools that I've never used. So in my case, it will be the first DApp I will use from them, but maybe you know one of the projects: Nexus Mutual, DigitalEX, Govblocks, Certy, Plotus, EdgeInvest, Konkrete, and more… Click here for a complete list.

I don't know what exactly it means to put the community first. What they're explaining to me just sounds like HEX +buyback -auto stake. When I want to know more, they send me to HEX.win, which is the original HEX site, and then I have to think about the differences by myself and trust them when they say:

Not only are we redistributing 80% of ETH auction rewards to stakers, but we are also giving stakers 2X the rewards through annual inflation. HEX's inflation is slightly below 4%, HEX2X is 8%. This model rewards stakers even more.

Which leads me to the question, guys, really?! Is this project legit?? Which they answer on HEX2X.org with:

Yes, we will have an opensource code repository viewable on Github within the next 7 days. All work is Open-source, and all reward mechanisms are put in an immutable smart-contract. It's as safe as it gets.

And for me being able to take a look at the code will be, as usual, key. But from what I saw until now, I think it's good to know that this project is coming up the next few days as they state in their roadmap:

Until then, we can do what we can do, buy the TEMPORARY token, and let them grow in the Pyra contract until HEX2X is distributed. BAAAM! It's what I will do. It's not investment advice, as you know: High Risk (which means when you lose everything, it's fucking gone!*).

So yeah, in a few days, I think I will be back talking about the open-source contract! Until then, you need to know what I wrote and be aware that we have something coming up here. Let's see! And of course, there is a launch event which DappStats joined (they're everywhere like a virus!), and it's nothing less than the possibility to win 1 MILLION HEX2T!

…JOIN ALERT, or?! Thanks for your attention, till next time!


*clarifying because I encounter everyday people that don't realize that HIGH RISK means precisely that: You can get fucked. Period.

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz