's pathetic (non)launch goes unnoticed

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A new blockchain backed social network, was scheduled to launch two days ago...

Highly anticipated (read: somewhat anticipated) social network, which is to be backed by ethereum, flopped completely at launch. There was a counting down timer on their site for about a week prior to the anticipated launch...

There was hype for all the way until the site timer was at 10 minutes...

lmao fail

...The official timer reached zero 2 days ago and nothing happened.

as of the time of this write-up, the timer is still up and paused at 00:00:00:00

Wait, so does this exist or not?

bush doesn't know things
At this moment, it remains unclear if is a real project having trouble getting launched, or if it is complete vaporware. Neither speaks well for at all, as either their team is scrambling and failing to get the site up, or there simply isn't a finished product to replace the timer with.

The one thing that remains clear, is ethereal poses no threat to steemit.#

Long live steemit!


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why did you flag my post? because you disagree with my opinion?

Funny that something that has the name cloud would be vapourware - since clouds are just vapour. Looks like it may have dispersed:)

Lolol so true, we saw right through their cloud :P

God I love this! Steemit beat them to the punch by creating an entire currency AND social network before they could even power the computer on!

This was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. Why did they even have a countdown? Have they provided an update? Oh well, at least there's still Akasha, which seems to be a bit more professional.

why did you flag my post? because you disagree with my opinion?