Crypto for fighting Corona Virus- Covid-19 – Gitcoin Grants


Gitcoin has kicked in its 5th round of CLR matching grants with a bang. There is a special focus on public health projects due ongoing pandemic created by corona virus in whole world.

Public Health

This time there is special public health grant supported by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Gitcoin will support projects in public health and specially right now for helping people affected with pandemic Corona Virus and projects around it.

Vitalik buterin has pledged 50k USD and Gitcoin has put 50k USD for same. A great gesture by both of them.


It's quadratic funding season again! Make sure to contribute to the projects you think are valuable 😊

Gitcoin Grants Round 5 is now live.

Join us in supporting #COVID19 and @ethereum projects with $250K in total matching funding over the next two weeks.

Let's fund our public goods, together. ⚡️🏥🌳

If you have any public health related project or you are an organisation helping to fight corona virus in affected nations, you can apply for the public health grant.

New Features

Gitcoin cofounder Kevin Owocki has shared what’s new and special in this round.

Ξwoki, Gitcoin Grants R5 Support Huckleberry 🤖🍒
Gitcoin Grants Round 5 ($250k Match) is now live!

New goodies this round:

  1. Flag Grant
  2. Negative voting (media round only)
  3. Fund page remembers your preferences
  4. Leave comment 4 grant owner when funding
  5. Fund over multiple rounds
  6. ETH support

(💰$250K Match Round LIVE NOW!)Grants
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Negative Voting

I specially liked negative voting for media projects for check on collusion and getting funding through clout then any actual big work done.

Though there is negative point in this that the people may use it for personal grudge or improving the chances of the project they are supporting by negative voting other projects. Only the results will tell if negative voting is boon or bane.


Flagging the grant will help if community think if this project fulfills the criteria of Gitcoin grants or not as some community members feel that some projects are using the platform for private goods then public goods.


I believe this round gonna be more successful and more transparent and fair than earlier rounds and will help the crypto decentralised ecosystem move forward.

I urge all of you to take part in Gitcoin round 5 and support good projects in tech, media and public health categories and specially support public health projects. Let’s unite and fight together against corona virus covid-19.

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