The Opera browser will soon integrate an Ethereum wallet

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Opera will become the first major web browser to integrate a native Ethereum wallet. This news follows the acquisition of a majority stake of Bitmain in the company.

Opera will acquire a native Ethereum portfolio

Opera turns to cryptocurrencies. One of the leading Internet browsers will offer a portfolio to store Ethers and ERC-20 tokens, and also offer "simple" access to decentralized applications (dApps), such as CryptoKitties or AirSwap.


Still only available in private beta, this wallet will soon be available in the Android version of the browser.

We are convinced that today's web will soon lead us to a decentralized web "; Opera welcomed in a statement. "We believe that with an integrated crypto-portfolio, our browser has the potential to renew and expand its role as a tool for accessing information and managing the digital identity of users within way that gives them more control.

The importance given to confidentiality

Confidentiality of data Concerned about the confidentiality of the data of its users, Opera had gone so far as to integrate a VPN into the "desktop" version of its browser. The company also believes that the arrival of its "non-custodial" cryptocurrency portfolio is part of the same philosophy:

"Privacy is a crucial aspect of browsers, especially for crypto-wallet users. Our goal is to create a user-driven crypto-wallet that provides improved control and security of the keys that are used to manage their funds. "

Beyond the storage of private keys on users' devices - a basic feature, already offered by the best mobile wallets - Opera will systematically ask their permission before exposing their data to websites. The browser will try to limit the risk of tracking or phishing attacks.

This wallet will also support Progressive Web Apps (PWA), offering developers the ability to design dApps without having to embed a wallet themselves in their applications, or having to trust a third-party company.

Bitmain becomes the main shareholder of Opera

BitmainThis announcement came only a few days after the Bitmain initiative - the world's most valued crypto-society - which offered a majority stake in Opera. Recently valued at $ 12 billion, the mining giant has injected $ 50 million into the browser. Bitmain should soon attempt to raise an additional $ 115 million for Opera through a public offering.

It remains to be seen whether the Beijing firm - better known for its cryptocurrency mining equipment or mining pools - will one day allow Internet users to take advantage of the computing power of their peripherals directly from an Opera browser.


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